Glide turns spreadsheets into beautiful, data-driven apps that you can share with anyone and update anytime.

A brief overview of Glide

Glide lets you turn any Google Sheets spreadsheet into a real mobile app with absolutely no coding and shockingly little effort. Saying you don’t need any programming knowledge is almost an understatement. This thing is deliberately designed for anyone to use. Although there are some limitations in flexibility of customization beyond pure color/text/layout tweaks and some scaling issues that are inherent when using Google Sheets as a backend, Glide is a great way to build out basic MVPs as well as simple internal tools to improve workflow.

Reasons to consider Glide in your no-code stack

  • Glide allows you to build an app within minutes without any code from just a spreadsheet.
  • It enables you to work with many elements, such as a map view, calendar view, user list, and even interactive stuff like a chat.
  • Glide Pro for those makers and creators who need even more from their apps. Glide Pro apps can handle more rows of data, authenticate private users, and store more files in the cloud.

What can you accomplish with Glide?

  • Build an app for your business in five minutes, for free, without writing any code.
  • Companies looking to develop inventory tracking, attendance, and other database-related apps can easily use Glideapps.
  • There are many updated features, such as connecting Google Analytics, sharing our job, adding any number of columns, and many more, for paying users only. It is fantastic for creating instant apps, even in minutes, and is a lifesaver for beginner software developers.

Take a look at these amazing Glide app examples for more ideas and inspiration.

Top features of Glide

  • Google sheet based app building tool
  • Drag-and-drop components like maps, signature pad, and file uploader and use them instantly in your browser, iOS, Android, tablets and desktop
  • Add a custom domain and branding to make your unique app
  • Private sign in
  • Custom services agreement

Pricing plans

  • Personal App: Free up to 500 data rows
  • Pro App: $32 per month
  • Private App: $40 per month + $2 per extra user
  • Enterprise App: Custom

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