Betty Blocks

With users from over 156 countries, Betty Blocks is arguably the best no-code platform to create business applications based on your own data model, business processes and logic

A brief overview of Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is a no-code, cloud-based application development solution featuring the drag-and-drop interface for the development of business applications. It is a leading citizen development platform for enterprise organizations. With the help of its visual, drag-and-drop interface, citizen developers can make use of Betty Blocks as the leading no-code platform for developing advanced applications under IT governance. Experienced developers can make use of Betty Blocks as a leading low-code platform for building faster. It is also capable of extending across any level with necessary coding. Betty Blocks is a 100% cloud-based system while fitting seamlessly into existing enterprise architecture.

Reasons to consider Betty Blocks in your no-code stack

  • Ease of Use: With the help of the Betty Blocks platform, you can easily design state-of-the-art enterprise apps. You are only required to log in to the browser. Therefore, you can start building solutions within minutes. Make use of the Page Builder tool of the platform to drag-and-drop the design and wireframe while integrating with external data sources, visualizing the data with the data modeler, and automating the workflow with relevant actions. 
  • Shortest Time-to-market: As you build apps with the help of pre-defined building blocks, and make use of code only for extending the platform as per the requirement, development time decreases significantly. Whenever changes are required in the app, it is quite as easy as logging in and implementing the same in a no-code manner. 
  • Cost-effective development and maintenance: Development and maintenance of apps are predictable and scalable. Apps are capable of delivering value faster with 100% cloud-based platform. There is no need of installing anything. Updates are also managed automatically.

What can you accomplish with Betty Blocks?

  • Automation: It is possible to automate workflows as well as case management, compliance, quality management, and order management flows. You can also easily automate manual processes. It helps you in saving time in your day-to-day work.
  • Portal Development: You can build interactive portals like employee portals, job portals, supply chain portals, and leading customer engagement portals. With a single app, it is possible to serve different roles with views that are catered to meet your needs.
  • Integration: You can easily integrate Betty Blocks with services like AWS, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and so more.

Top features of Betty Blocks

  • Integration management
  • Computability testing
  • Access controls and permissions
  • Deployment management
  • Data modeling
  • Drag and drop

Pricing plans

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