GoodBarber is a native apps and progressive web app builder for eCommerce and content management.

A brief overview of GoodBarber

GoodBarber is a no-code app builder. It is a tool that allows users to design top-performing app designs along with PWAs or Progressive Web Apps with interactive designs and seamless user experiences out there. The no-code software solution has already been downloaded by over 40 million users across the world. With more than 30,000 apps already published, GoodBarber has been successful in streamlining the app development process with its unique no-code architecture. It also features a wide range of content development and graphical design tools. When apps are designed by GoodBarber, they can be published by Apple App Store, Google Play, and others.

Reasons to consider GoodBarber in your no-code stack

  • Multiple Design Templates: With GoodBarber, you get access to a wide range of interactive templates for app design. They are attractive, original templates. At the same time, these templates are highly customizable with multiple layouts and fonts. Therefore, you can create a customized app of your own.
  • Advanced Features: GoodBarber performs well in terms of the overall features it provides. For bespoke app design, the platform offers access to a huge spectrum of useful features. You can come across anything -ranging from user chats to loyalty rewards, video players, and so more.
  • Native App Development: With the help of iOS and Android app builder by GoodBarber, you can leverage the benefits of native mobile app designing without any requirement of coding.

What can you accomplish with GoodBarber?

  • Team management: GoodBarber offers you the opportunity to include anyone to the ongoing mobile app design project. You can invite others with the help of a simple email. It is a useful team management practice. With the system, it is also possible to thoroughly customize the access of team members.
  • Progressive Web App: Your app can function as a fully-functional website with GoodBarber. Your app can feature its own dedicated domain as well -including sitemaps and SEO keywords. The apps that you create with GoodBarber are user-friendly and responsive.
  • Publishing Apps: You can now publish your mobile apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. GoodBarber allows you to achieve the same with the help of a single interface.

Top features of GoodBarber

  • Ad support
  • Push notifications
  • Location-based services
  • E-commerce support
  • RSS feed options
  • Social media integration
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