Sandbox Commerce

Sandbox is a no-code platform to build beautiful, fully customizable Android and iOS apps for your online store.

A brief overview of Sandbox Commerce

“After noticing that most of our customers browse our site on their phone, we decided that we needed a mobile app! We turned to Sandbox, and for a fraction of the cost to build an app in the house, we launched a beautiful iOS and Android Apps in less than a week!“

Sandbox Commerce is a mobile app development platform that helps retailers build iOS and Android apps to better engage with customers. With sandbox commerce, you can deliver a great shopping experience across all devices, anywhere - in your store, on the go.

Reasons to consider Sandbox Commerce in your no-code stack

  • Sandbox Commerceprovides the user with the feature to build their mobile app on android and iOS without prior knowledge of coding.
  • The tool provides features like push notifications, a loyalty reward system that can increase the user engagement manifold.
  • Connectivity with payment platforms for checkout makes it easy for users to collect and manage the money for orders.
  • The tool also supports VR and AI functionality for a better showcase of products.

What can you accomplish with Sandbox Commerce?

  • Drive interest by incorporating location-based technology into your mobile advertising campaigns to drive in-store and Curbside Commerce™ traffic.
  • Create an actual omnichannel shopping experience with an AI-powered virtual assistant to help customers while they shop in your store.
  • Give your company an edge with photoreal interactive virtual stores & try-on experience deployment within weeks.

Top features of Sandbox Commerce

  • Supports the development of apps on both IOS and android
  • Drag and drop feature for easy designing
  • Designed app support payment from apple pay and google pay on checkout
  • Supports real-time push notification for better marketing
  • Features like sort, filter and search are available for more user engagement

Pricing plans

  • Launch: $99 per month
  • Enterprise: On request only

Learning resources

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