A no code iOS app maker that simplifies mobile app development

A brief overview of Kodika

Kodika is an iOS design prototyping tool. It allows you to easily create a prototype of your app's UI design and logic with no limitations. It's the best way to visualise your ideas without writing code, so you can save time and money on projects like building custom controls, animations or transition effects. Kodika is the next generation app building platform that generates native code to deliver a high-performance experience and cross-platform support. It comes with unique features such as Code auto-generation, UI design without programming knowledge, serverless push notifications, inbuilt UI components and cross-platform support for iOS/Android via JavaScript.

Reasons to consider Kodika in your no-code stack

  • Test your apps on the spot directly on your device. No compiler is needed.
  • Generates Swift code to ensure performance identical to native app development.
  • Kodika’s automated release creates all the certificates, provisions profiles and uploads your app to the App Store.

What can you accomplish with Kodika?

  • You can build a Digital TV, a new-age digital-only TV station that offers live streaming and on-demand content
  • Test your apps on the spot directly on your device. No compile needed. Run your app on your iPhone
    at any given moment. No need to export or build code.
  • You can create a workflow. ActionsHub is the easiest way to view and manage your GitHub Actions Workflows on your mobile.

Top features of Kodika

  • Drag and Drop Images, Buttons, Lists etc.
  • Create responsive design using Pins & Constraints
  • Support any Apple native app UI design
  • Reuse your components to create dynamic Lists & Grids
  • Organize your project’s font & color styleguides
  • Convert elements into functional and interactive items

Pricing plans

  • Free: €0 per month, Release to AppStore: €79.99/version
  • Pro: €29.99 per month, Release to AppStore: €0

Learning resources

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