An app development platform that allows you to quickly build web and mobile apps with your existing data

A brief overview of AppSheet

Appsheet is a powerful no code application development platform now a part of Google Cloud Suite with which you can develop mobile and desktop applications. It allows applications to collect data from multiple sources such as spreadsheets or databases and store in cloud. It also allows custom visual representation of data in charts, tables, etc and define custom workflows with conditional trigger communications and development of real-time reporting dashboards with live data refreshing. With its real time testing, deployment support, configurable security settings and easy to develop no code platform, it allows developers to create powerful data driven applications.

Reasons to consider AppSheet in your no-code stack

With a large community of developers, a wide repository of resources, powerful and user-friendly framework with a wide range of integration support and features, Appsheet provides an excellent platform for app developers to easily build, collaborate, deploy and test your own custom mobile applications in minutes with no code. Now part of Google Cloud Apps, it allows easy integration of your app with multiple Google products making this tool ideal for creating data-driven applications for your improving your business productivity.

What can you accomplish with AppSheet?

You can develop fully functional mobile and desktop apps with the powerful no-code framework which helps you in various stages of development such as data collection from multiple sources, defining your custom logical workflows and security configuration, allow collaboration with multiple teammates and develop customized real-time dashboards. You can also develop device cross-compatible applications and give instant notifications on real-time data, all with little or no programming knowledge.

Top features of AppSheet

  • Capture images, log locations & scan barcodes
  • Push notifications and emails
  • Reports & dashboards
  • Custom logic
  • Easy Integration with several external platforms
  • Offline apps supported
  • Cross device compatibility

Pricing plans

AppSheet has a tier based per-user pricing model. They have a premium plan with limited features starting at $5 per user per month. Whereas, pro plans unlocks more features, and for business plans, you need to get in touch for a customised pricing plan.

  • Premium Plan: $5 per user per month
  • Pro Plan: $10 per user per month
  • Business Plan: Customized Pricing

Learning resources

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