Fliplet offers a drag and drop interface for non-technical people to create and maintain their own bespoke apps

A brief overview of Fliplet

"Fliplet empowers businesses to operate multiple apps without a large development team. Avoid the development delays, infrequent updates and spiralling maintenance costs that kill good app ideas," says Ian Broom, Fliplet CEO.

In the old world, companies would hire developers to build an application from the ground up. That can take months or even years. Fliplet enables you to do it much faster - in a matter of days. You simply pick your templates, fill in the blanks with your content, and boom! - you have an app that is ready to use.

Reasons to consider Fliplet in your no-code stack

  • Fliplet offers drag and drop prefab components that will probably cover 90% of your app features.
  • A lot is going on underneath the hood just to keep your app running controlled by Fliplet. Things like app security, user analytics, data integrations, cross-device compatibility, OS updates.
  • If you need something highly custom, you can extend Fliplet with a small code (JS, HTML, CSS).

What can you accomplish with Fliplet?

  • Sales enablement apps: Grow your revenue with sales showcases, playbooks, training material, knowledge capture and more.
  • Employee training apps: Equip your employees to be more effective. Learn from your most experienced employees. Multiple learning formats available.
  • Event apps: Event apps that set the right impression. Packed full with the bespoke features you need for your event.
  • Internal communications apps: Improve communications, strengthen culture, share knowledge and celebrate wins collectively.
  • Rapidly build your app with the visual editor. Drag and drop buttons, videos, lists and forms. Only code if you want to.

Top features of Fliplet

  • Reusable prefab components save time
  • Less maintenance required
  • Extend with code to create unique features
  • Add dynamic content via Fliplet's data manager
  • Layouts are responsive by default

Pricing plans

  • Free: Includes limited access to features (for up to 50 app users per month)
  • Public: from $9.90 per month (for up to 100 app users per month)
  • Private: from $19.90 per month (Includes 8 authenticated app users per month)
  • Private Plus: from $29.90 per month (Includes security and integration)

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