Choicely is a simple and affordable no-code application development platform for building and maintaining Android and App Store apps

A brief overview of Choicely

Choicely serves to be a no-code studio allowing anyone to create a dedicated mobile app for both Apple store and Google Play. It is a famous no-code application development platform offering access to a simple, affordable, and fast platform for building and maintaining top-quality mobile apps at minimal time.

With Choicely, it is possible to create as well as publish the Android and iOS apps within days than months with the help of enterprise-grade scaling out of millions of users from the first day. Choicely is used by experts in the fields of entertainment, sports, and media.

Reasons to consider Choicely in your no-code stack

  • Creation of Powerful Mobile Apps: With Choicely, it is possible to create stunning and powerful mobile apps without the requirement of coding. At the same time, it is possible to create mobile apps using the platform within weeks or days rather than several months.
  • Visual App Builder: The visual app builder of Choicely enables you to easily build fully-customized mobile apps in a fraction of time. With the app builder, there is no coding required. At the same time, the developer SDK of the platform enables you to build custom functionalities for the app.
  • Push Notifications: If you wish to boost app engagement, you can do so by delivering relevant information with the help of targeted push notifications. The platform allows you to send push notifications seamlessly. It is possible to send notifications to group subscribers as well.

What can you accomplish with Choicely?

  • Development of feature-rich apps: If you wish to include any custom functionality to the mobile app, the Choicely platform allows you to develop as well as integrate customized features for the app. You can also look forward to integrating web-based software features like web views.
  • Ease of Integrations: With Choicely, it is possible to integrate third-party services with APIs, SDKs, and web views for your mobile app. You can effectively integrate native Android and iOS features with SDKs. You can also embed videos and posts from social media and other video platforms.
  • Access to Revenue Tools: Choicely offers access to high volume traffic management tools with the help of Google Cloud services. You have access to advanced functionalities like revenue management, in-app purchases, premium subscriptions, and so more.

Top features of Choicely

  • Activity dashboard
  • Calendar management
  • Access controls and permissions
  • Agile methodologies

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Premium: €499 per month

Learning resources

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