A no-code platform to build cloud based apps for business processes like data collection via online forms, workflow automation, internal tools, and other custom business apps

A brief overview of DronaHQ

DronaHQ is a no-code, low code app development platform that helps to build internal tools, business apps. Platform gives multi-experience output (Mobile & Web) with visual builders, online database, code editors, prebuilt templates, configurable workflows and automations builder, ready connectors, analytics, and more. It allows Product managers, IT teams, application leaders, citizen developers to build applications on top of data sources.  Internal tools like project management, time management, internal job portal, development and training centre; business process automations like approvals, reimbursement, performance review and appraisal system; data collection apps like order capture, store certification; dashboards like sales leaderboard are some of popular app use-cases built on the platform.

Reasons to consider DronaHQ in your no-code stack

  • Choose different types of screens to define your user navigations, configure pixel-perfect responsive layouts and drag and drop from a vast list of robust controls all out of the box.
  • Assemble and build beautiful interfaces in minutes instead of spending time tackling code.
  • Choose from 150+ in-built controls like Table grid, Card list, Charts, Dashboards, Form controls etc. All these building blocks are thoughtfully designed to be responsive and native across different devices.

What can you accomplish with DronaHQ?

  • Create your apps across dev, beta and prod environments. Separate your data, APIs and users across these environments for mission-critical apps.
  • Connect to Databases, APIs and third party apps or simply bring your CSVs into our built in DB - Sheets.
  • Setup friendly datatypes to your raw data received from various datasources so that they can be represented in a visually enhanced way like showing tags, datetimes, images/files, etc and the respective controls will show appropriately.

Top features of DronaHQ

  • Drag-and-drop interface for building the frontend of your app. Whether your app is mobile, web, or both
  • Visually build actions using blocks on events like button click or page load etc
  • Integrations to Databases, APIs and Ready third party apps
  • Reusable Queries & APIs
  • Debugging and watchlist lets you debug the entire action flow with breakpoints and deep dive into every request and response

Pricing plans

  • Starter: $140 per month
  • Business: $700 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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