Directual is a no-code platform for building scalable and sophisticated apps in an intuitive visual interface.

A brief overview of Directual

Directual is a no-code platform for building scalable and sophisticated apps in an intuitive visual interface. With this drag-and-drop builder, you can create chatbots, interactive marketing campaigns, mobile apps and more than ten times faster than traditional development methods. Directual helps the developers avoid complex infrastructures, provides flexible tools with minimum restrictions and allows SDK for integration services. The best part about it is that it will enable you to build a scalable and sophisticated application with an intuitive visual interface. Furthermore, it has a wide range of uses and serves specifically people like developers, product owners, startup founders, and freelancers who need to create an application.

Reasons to consider Directual in your no-code stack

  • Time-to-market is crucial for product: The pace of business is continuously increasing. The time-to-market becomes the crucial competitive advantage. Directual reduces time for developing and allows to roll out the product several times faster.
  • Technology shall not restrict product design: While designing the product, team should not think about technology restrictions, but about end customers and target processes. Directual provides powerful and flexible platform for implementing any idea.
  • No need for managing infrastructure: Configure database, authentication and user management, event processing and reporting without worrying about setting up the infrastructure. So you can move swiftly and focus on features.

What can you accomplish with Directual?

  • Do more with less: Directual enables you to do maximum with minimum resources. Its flexible pricing would be the best option for developing an MVP.
  • Run experiments: Directual is a technical base for building working prototypes and gathering experimental data. It's arguably the cheapest, robust and fastest way to test a set of hypotheses for your business model.
  • Scale MVP: After checking the hypotheses founder scales his MVP. Directual supports scaling to any size easily. Directual platform is an enterprise-ready technology with appropriate architecture.

Top features of Directual

  • Configure cloud database easily by structuring and fast processing of data
  • Design API methods to implement strong user security
  • Visual designer to implement the backend logic
  • 2M processing operations
  • Integrate with other systems to leverage their benefits.

Pricing plans

App Plans

  • Free: $0 (Perfect for learning the basics of Directual platform)
  • Startup: $39 per month (Ideal for building an MVP or an internal app)
  • Pro: $139 per month (Includes advanced features for app developing and scaling)
  • Business: $429 per month (Great for high loaded, business-critical apps)

Team Plans

  • $54 per developer per month

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