Bravo Studio

A native app builder that turns your Figma prototypes into native iOS and Android apps without writing a single line of code

A brief overview of Bravo Studio

Bravo Studio is the fastest tool to build better prototypes, validate ideas and launch authentic products. Join a fast-growing community of product designers, developers and innovators who use the platform to create, share and monetise their bespoke on-demand apps. With Bravo, you can build your app in minutes without code, all by simply connecting blocks. You can import Figma App prototypes, label the Figma app layers, add tags to add native actions and connect accurate data from an external source via APIs with the help of interactive real and live content. It lets you preview and test your Android IOS app projects with the help of Bravo Vision.

Reasons to consider Bravo Studio in your no-code stack

  • Bravo Studio provides most of the features required to convert Figma App projects.
  • Get a publishable APK for Android and a resigned IPA for iOS and publish your app that started with a simple Figma wireframe.
  • It's easy to use and highly initiative. You can add tags and APIs to increase the content and bring life to your application.

What can you accomplish with Bravo Studio?

  • If you are a traveller, you can build an adventure app. Everything you need to see to plan your next adventure anywhere in the world.
  • If you are passionate about a particular sport, you can design an app to fuel your interests. They can have all YouTube videos, virtual stadium tours and much more.
  • To ease out the process of holding a seminar or a conference, you can create an app. Through the app, your attendees can track the necessary details like venue, time slots, etc.

Take a look at these amazing Bravo Studio apps for more ideas and inspiration.

Top features of Bravo Studio

  • Real-time data sync with external sources
  • Lets you add animations and transitions to make your app more interactive
  • Bravo Studio gets you APK for Android and IOS apps
  • Enable to get payments into your Bravo app projects                  
  • Control when you want to push the changes you do on your published app

Pricing plans

  • Bravo: Free
  • Olé: €19 per month
  • Bravissimo: €49 per month

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