Dittofi is a visual no-code studio that empowers product managers, citizen developers and software engineers to build full stack enterprise grade web apps collaboratively

A brief overview of Dittofi

Dittofi is a no-code tool for building enterprise-grade web applications on the go. It is a visual studio that requires no coding and helps in empowering software engineers, citizen developers, and product managers to come up with enterprise-grade web applications collaboratively. With Dittofi, it is possible to ensure fast prototyping, launching securely, iterating easily, scaling confidently, and owning the source code at all times. The platform offers access to client-side and server-side building blocks for the development of interactive apps easily and seamlessly.

Reasons to consider Dittofi in your no-code stack

  • Code-free Development: While everyone loves the concept of ‘no code,’ source code might still be required at some stage of the development process. Dittofi is the first-ever no-code, full-stack platform that helps in auto-generating top-quality source code that is human readable. Moreover, you can own this code.
  • Multiple Use Cases: Whether you are a development agency or in the field of event management, you will have a single thing in common. The need for scalable, fast, high-quality, and safe code is high. The auto code generators of Dittofi help in visually ideating, building, and enhancing software applications for markets across different use cases.
  • Rapid Development of Web Apps: With Dittofi, it is possible to develop full-stack, complex software solutions around 80 percent faster than conventional development.
  • Tested Apps: With Dittofi, you can look forward to confidently generating scalable code that has been properly tested by clients who are in the production stage.

What can you accomplish with Dittofi?

  • Cost Savings: Dittofi offers you the opportunity to function like a team of skilled and experienced software developers. Therefore, the platform will help you with the frontend, backend, and operations of the web application.
  • Source Code Ownership: When you are ready, you can also look forward to accessing every line of code that was utilized for building application. This makes you the source code owner.
  • Dittofi Cloud Deployment: You can now deploy the application to Dittofi Cloud. With the tool, it is possible to launch your app into a secure and scalable environment. You can also protect, report, and analyze the app data with tools for user administration and real-time business intelligence.

Top features of Dittofi

  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Access to back office tools
  • A dedicated environment manager
  • Real-time support
  • Visual app development

Pricing plans

  • Trial: Free for 7 days
  • Creator: $29 per month
  • Teams: $250 per month
  • Scale Up: $529 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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