Triggre is one of the best no-code platforms to create highly advanced business applications within hours

A brief overview of Triggre

Triggre is a no-code development platform that assists small-scale and medium-sized organizations develop interactive business applications without any in-depth technical or programing knowledge. With Triggre, it is possible to achieve a number of operations –ranging from automated processes to warehouse management, customer portal handling, logistics routing, and so more. Triggre follows the unique pay-as-you-go pricing policy for allowing small-scale and medium-scale enterprises to save significantly on the overall expenses while boosting efficiency. With Triggre, businesses can easily customize the respective applications with its revolutionary features.

Reasons to consider Triggre in your no-code stack

  • Simplified Application Development: Triggre helps in simplifying the process of application development for businesses. It achieves the same by combining intuitive designs with powerful workflows and automation features.
  • An Array of Custom Templates: With Triggre, you can browse through the impressive collection of more than 20 design templates for getting started with the development of custom tool or application. Triggre also helps teams precisely choose the right template through its interactive platform.
  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Builder: With Triggre, you can make use of the simple drag-and-drop feature for easily designing pages, portals, and processes that support how businesses will function uniquely. Therefore, you can easily design data for fulfilling your specific business workflows, rules, and applications.
  • Setup Wizards: Triggre makes use of innovative setup wizards for guiding you through the entire application development process in a step-by-step manner. These wizards on the platform tend to operate using a single premise. They handle only one task at a time for maximum simplicity.

What can you accomplish with Triggre?

  • Development of Flexible Business Applications: With Triggre, it is possible to design flexible and interactive business applications. For both small-scale as well as large enterprises, the flexibility and speed are crucial factors. 
  • Automation Validation Checks: Triggre offers access to real-time automated validation checks for checking the overall consistency of important design elements. These also help in highlighting specific problems on the website. 
  • E-learning Classes: You can go through the built-in Triggre Academy e-learning classes for coming across the comprehensive step-by-step approach for understanding and mastering the platform.

Top features of Triggre

  • Scalable solutions
  • Cloud, SaaS-based solutions
  • Access to knowledge base
  • Customer support through email and phone

Pricing plans

  • Starter: free
  • Professional: $55 per month
  • Complete: $168 per month
  • Enterprise: custom

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