Backendless No Code Visual App Builder, Mobile Backend as a Service, and API Service Platform

A brief overview of Backendless

Backendless is a no-code VADP (Visual App Development Platform) for combining the functionalities of user, database management, and API with an interactive and intuitive UI builder and user interface. With Backendless, users are given the ability to send over push notifications and emails while supporting geolocation-based and real-time chat functionality. It is possible to customize the Backendless application with the help of a manually-composed code or with the help of the no-code logic builder. It is also possible to host the platform on cloud servers or install and manage the same on private servers.

Reasons to consider Backendless in your no-code stack

  • Full-stack VDAP: With Backendless, you receive access to a full-stack visual app builder that helps in making applications more intuitive and responsive. The platform offers the ease of development and ease of management without any requirement of code.
  • Ease of API Management: If the APIs are scattered across multiple platforms, there is a lack of efficiency within the team. Backendless aims at solving this problem by housing and managing all the APIs in a single place.
  • Development of Real-time Apps: You might fall behind on the users if you are not providing access to real-time data and messaging capabilities. As the users interact with the app in real-time, the app should also interact with the users in real-time. The VDAP functionality of Backendless brings forth real-time data to every app possible.
  • Effective Document Management: With Backendless, it is possible to ensure security, server maintenance, load balancing, threading, and scaling. Therefore, you are able to focus on growing your overall business. Backendless aims at making hosting scalable, affordable, and secure.

What can you accomplish with Backendless?

  • Development of Front-to-Back in a Single Place: Backendless has been built on the concept of real-time database and visual backend builder. In addition to the UI builder, you can also build the app with the frontend and backend for communicating seamlessly without any integration.
  • Seamless Scale and Fast Launch: You can develop the app fast with the no-code logic builder along with highly scalable serverless hosting capabilities.
  • Secure and Powerful Visual Data Management: Backendless makes use of the role-based security system for protecting the data from internal mistakes and external threats.

Top features of Backendless

  • In-depth analytics
  • Modification of backend logic
  • Ability to import and export data
  • Support for object persistence featuring complex hierarchies
  • Superfast geo queries

Pricing plans

Backendless Cloud Pricing

  • Springboard: Free
  • Cloud9: $35 per month
  • Cloud99: $149 per month

Backendless Pro: On request only

Managed Backendless: On request only

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