Convert websites to iOS & Android apps.

A brief overview of WebViewGold

WebViewGold is a no-code tool that helps in converting a website to an app for iOS (optimized WKWebView) or Android (optimized WebView). To ensure the same, it makes use of a optimized, further developed WebView technology. To achieve success in the conversion, all you need is the dedicated web address of the existing website (or web app) that you wish to convert to the mobile app for iOS & Android, provide it a proper name, and specify particular configuration options.

Reasons to consider WebViewGold in your no-code stack

With WebViewGold, it is possible to convert a website easily to the Android or iOS app source code within a matter of seconds. It can be achieved with the help of a top-quality app development template. The template has been designed with higher accuracy to magnify the expectations of end users. The no-code tool is capable of converting the website to an app with its innovative set of features, including camera uploads, file, image, and so more. 

  • Easy Setup: The process of converting your website into a dedicated mobile app takes almost some seconds when you make use of WebViewGold. You are only expected to enter the URL of your website or copy the local HTML folder of the website into the respective app template. 
  • 100% Ownership of Content: With WebViewGold, you can rest assured that your app’s content will look impressive and up-to-date at all times. To top it all, you will also get the 100% app display size with WebViewGold. You can also match the status bar color in the resulting app, and much more.
  • Remote URL: Even when your users are offline, you no longer have to worry about traffic. It is because WebViewGold makes use of the concept of a remote URL. Even with no access to Wi-Fi or Internet connection, your app will continue looking great while displaying a stunning app screen. WebViewGold also comes forth with the fallback mode making use of the HTML folder in case the user is offline and a remote URL when the user is online.

What can you accomplish with WebViewGold?

  • 100% responsive apps: The app template by WebViewGold is available for a wide range of mobile devices across all dimensions. Therefore, your mobile app will appear responsive on different devices.
  • Signs for Loading and Splash Screen: Using interactive templates, you can select an interesting launch screen image until the web app gets loaded. 
  • Push Notifications, Ads, In-App Tab and URL Handling: It is possible to launch all external website links in the app or in the additional in-app browser tab.

Top features of WebViewGold

  • Free updates
  • Committed support
  • Excellent quality of apps
  • Approval guarantee
  • Exceptional performance of apps

Pricing plans

  • iOS: $99
  • Android: $99
  • Full service: $349

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