Xano is the fastest way to build a backend for your web, mobile or IoT application without code

A brief overview of Xano

Xano is a no-code, fast backend development platform. With Xano, you receive access to a stable backend, a ready-to-use API, a no-code business logic builder, and a flexible database for transforming data to & from any given source. It also offers access to a scalable server that allows you to ensure filtering, transforming, and integrating data anytime and anywhere. It provides access to smart and advanced tools for helping you with the development of powerful APIs. These APIs are designed for scaling and tend to be marketplace-ready. The platform also comes with a free demo version for testing its features.

Reasons to consider Xano in your no-code stack

  • Ease of Launching Scalable products: You can now focus on your end users as Xano delivers access to scalable products. It is possible to build business logic while automating workflows without any code. You can also launch the backend within minutes without the management of servers.
  • Storing Data without any record limits: You can easily upgrade from the spreadsheet to a highly sophisticated database. Xano is capable of hosting the data on PostgreSQL. It is the most powerful open-source database.
  • Transforming Data and Automating Workflows: Xano helps in automatically generating operations related to creation, reading, updating, and deleting. You can create your own endpoints and monitor business logic as per the requirement of the app.

What can you accomplish with Xano?

  • Integration and Connection with Any Platform: Xano offers an easy way of bringing in data from any external API. You can then think of transforming it, storing it, and sending it to any front-end as per your choice. Thousands of users make use of Xano as the home base for transformation, data storage, and automation.
  • Comprehensive Data testing Environment: Xano is a no-code backend platform offering access to a comprehensive data testing, deployment, and monitoring environment. This allows you to ensure easy switching between test and production data. You can also access additional information like API request history, monitoring CPU usage, and Database record utilization.
  • Secure Backend: All data stored within Xano is encrypted. Moreover, transmission of data is carried out securely over SSL. Additionally, Xano also offers access to advanced authentication capabilities for password, login, and signup policies.

Top features of Xano

  • Testing management
  • Application templates
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Debugging
  • App integrations
  • Access control

Pricing plans

  • Build: free
  • Launch: $67 per month
  • Scale: $225 per month
  • Enterprise: custom
  • Agency: $250 per month

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