An open-source, enterprise-grade open-source platform with a no-code/low-code studio, now with AI-driven app generation capabilities

A brief overview of Convertigo

Enterprise-grade open source no-code/low-code platform. Offers scaled deployment and a huge list of capabilities particularly suited to assist enterprises. There are two parts to this platform, one which focuses on no-code and another on low code. These are known as Convertigo No-code studio and Convertigo low code studio.

Reasons to consider Convertigo in your no-code stack

  • No limit platform (App complexity, UX/UI pixel perfect, database size etc ..)
  • Web desktop or Mobile PWA or native iOS/Android outputs.
  • Fullstack (Front-end UI, Back-end business logic & flows, back end no code database)
  • Cloud or On premises hosting , mandatory for sensible data applications (health care, military, Banking etc ...)
  • More than 300 data & UI components connectors library that can be expanded by the community
  • Offline / data, OAuth /OIDC /SAML 2.0 authentications
  • Non vendor lock-in paradigm and total IP of the apps you develop.

What can you accomplish with Convertigo?

  • Mobile banking applications and self banking portals
  • B2C retail mobile apps
  • Insurance mobile apps such as claim portals
  • Travel, leisure and hotel apps

Top features of Convertigo

  • Enterprise Grade
  • Open Source
  • Non vendor lock-in
  • Self hosting and cloud SaaS

Pricing plans

  • B2E named users: 15€ per month per application end users
  • B2C floating users: 66€ per month per concurrent access

Learning resources

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