Teta is a cooperative app builder that allows teams and users to build an app in a weekend, collaborating online.

A brief overview of Teta

Teta is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to build, design, deploy, track, and manage the overall use of custom applications. The platform has been designed for businesses of all sizes and scales. It is a no-code app building tool that helps with the development of both frontend and backend applications. With the help of Teta, it is also possible to include social authentication, query data with the help of a no-SQL database, and so more.

Reasons to consider Teta in your no-code stack

  • Development of Customizable MVP Apps: Teta offers access to faster and highly advanced MVPs for your entire business. It is possible to develop your own software without the requirement of any coding in only a few days on any given device.
  • Validation of Apps: Teta allows businesses to test as well as validate new ideas without any need of coding in a matter of few days. There is no requirement of paying any experienced developers for this task.
  • A Full-stack Platform: Teta serves to be a full-stack platform that delivers the ease of custom and fast no-code software development. Teta is known to be equipped with all the necessary services required for building faster MVP products in a matter of few days.
  • Prototyping of the Software: With Teta, it is possible to prototype by collaborating with your entire team. It is possible to prototype the entire team. Design the prototype and share the same with the help of a link.

What can you accomplish with Teta?

  • Customized Development: Teta serves to be a full-stack platform that offers the ease of ensuring customized no-code development. With Teta, you get access to a dedicated UI builder, CMS integration, authentication systems, and advanced analytics.
  • Ease of Setting Up Dynamic Data: If you wish to build an app faster with the help of external integrations, Teta can help. With a single click, you can set up dynamic data seamlessly. You can display the same dynamic content from different backends.
  • Ease of Exporting MVP: It is also possible to publish the application directly to the stores. Teta also offers support for App Store and Google Play for the ease of exporting.

Top features of Teta

  • Low-code UI builder
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Access to a scalable No-SQL database
  • Custom queries
  • Dedicated database policies

Pricing plans

  • Starter: Free
  • Individual: $69 per month per project
  • Startup: $299 per month per project

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