Kelp is a low-code visual development platform for building interactive data-driven applications

A brief overview of Kelp

Kelp is a no-code visual development platform for helping you build interactive, data-driven applications. is an initiative by Pleeco known for creating products and solutions responsible for enabling the meaningful synergy between technology, people, and data. With Kelp, it is possible to develop and run interactive and data-driven apps for operational analytics. With a uniquely no-code experience and innovative features, Kelp helps in accelerating the process of application development.

Reasons to consider Kelp in your no-code stack

  • Comprehensive Web App Development: With Kelp, it is possible to achieve a complete process of all-round web app development in the cloud-based environment. You should not confuse Kelp with a mere visual editor. The solution offers access to a full suite of app development process –right from design to deployment, administration, and monitoring.
  • Coordinated Visualizations with Powerful Data Streaming: With the help of coordinated visualizations and custom interactions, it is possible to express deeper relationships of the data. You should never aim at looking back at static reports anymore with Kelp. You can easily observe data in its true and real-time nature.
  • A Tool for Everyone: Kelp is not just for developers. Every user –from a professional developer to a business user can build interactive solutions based on the specific needs. With Kelp, developers can look forward to creating more while focusing on core business capabilities.

What can you accomplish with Kelp?

  • Instant Publishing and Live Preview: You can observe changes instantly in the Viewer functionality of the tool as you are doing the changes. Moreover, the tool also offers you the capability of testing the app with data on the go. You can easily deploy and share –all with the help of a single click.
  • Rich Library of Reusable and Composable Components: You can easily save ample time with the help of pre-built React data visualizations and components. It is possible to make your own library while sharing the same with the team for building together faster.
  • Access to Simple Visual Control Flow Editor: With Kelp, it is possible to connect functional and visualization components for defining how the data & interactions tend to flow throughout. With Kelp, you can easily focus on business logic while leaving the rest of the coding complexity for Kelp to handle.

Top features of Kelp

  • Smart working with data apps
  • Access to tools for building interactive apps
  • Visual control flow editor

Pricing plans

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