Calcapp is an easy-to-use DIY tool to visually create calculator apps with basic functionalities such as text and number field input, check boxes and sliders, PDF or CSV reports, 1-click publish, etc.

A brief overview of Calcapp

Calcapp is a new app builder that allows anyone with basic math skills to build beautiful and sophisticated calculators. Using its quick-to-learn, point-and-click interface, you can easily create a calculator for any purpose in just one hour. With your calculator online in the cloud, you can track its usage, edit its design or even change its functionality without having to touch code. It is an app that helps to give ideas a representation and organised tools to be used where we can use pdf excel sheets etc. It is compelling due to the number of formulas it supports, and it has a very logical and consistent UI, which is critical for a tool with so many options.

Reasons to consider Calcapp in your no-code stack

  • Apps can run through any web browser, in order, they don't require to be installed by your IT department.
  • It uses lists, links, headings, different fonts and high-resolution images to liven up your documentation.
  • The AMP friendly auto-height feature enables an app embedded in a website page to readjust its height in response to content changes.

What can you accomplish with Calcapp?

  • You can increase your revenue by creating an engaging experience for your prospects on your website. Use your calculator to highlight ROI, cost estimates, competitor comparisons and far more.
  • You can custom brand your tool by customising your calculator’s layout, colour, and text.
  • You can reduce development costs by more than 70% using Calcapp.

Top features of Calcapp

  • App designing to replace excel spreadsheets
  • No programming knowledge is required for building the interface
  • It helps to connect to the formulas and better layout
  • It helps to create apps that might have been created using a spreadsheet.
  • Creates apps without custom software development

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