A no-code technology stack to build and manage decentralized projects

A brief overview of Abridged.io

Are you someone from a non-technical background but aspires to design a top-notch blockchain app for your project or business? With the user-reported drag and drop interface of Abridged, you can visually develop feature-rich applications. Furthermore, it aids you to generate a mobile-friendly design that can support instant transactions even with low bandwidth and customized key management.

Abridged empowers teams and communities to collaborate. Your chance to build and manage decentralized projects is now made easier without any prerequisite coding knowledge. This will be your go-to blockchain application development platform. you to cr Thus, allowing you to create blockchain apps with so much ease.

Reasons to consider Abridged.io in your no-code stack

  • Abridged has provided to everyone, the access to build applications using blockchain technology.
  • It supports a range of Web 3 components that can be integrated into your application like counterfactual account contracts, state channels and Meta transactions.
  • With a library of no-code templates, it enables you to design, ship and iterate your product/features a lot faster.
  • ‘Positive-Sum’ philosophy is at its core, where all parties are benefitted together through their collaborations.
  • With its open-source community and blockchain transaction support, it offers an impeccable platform to design crypto-based applications.

What can you accomplish with Abridged.io

  • All the finance enthusiasts can build something of their own related to bitcoins, supporting cryptocurrency, all with just one app.
  • You can build a fully functional, ready to launch blockchain application.
  • The platform in the SDK manages the transaction querying and message sending to trigger method calls in the account and relayer.
  • Customisable key management and familiar oAuth login.

Top features of Abridged.io

  • Visual drag drop interface to create apps with no coding
  • Fast user experience without network delays
  • Blockchain technology for mobile phone without extra software
  • Integrations with Web2Api
  • Customized key management and oAuth login

Pricing plans

  • On request only

Learning resources

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