Progressier empowers web developers and no-code makers to effortlessly build fully-featured progressive web apps.

A brief overview of Progressier

Progressier is a no-code software solution that helps in adding more functionality to interactive web applications. Some of the functionalities included are PWA installation, push notifications, offline capability, and so more. Progressier is compatible with all sites that are developed using WordPress, Bubble, Vue.js, Node.js, Vanilla JS, and React JS.

Progressier features a dedicated range of push notification solution along with a no-code caching strategy builder. With Progressier, it is possible to make apps installable across multiple browsers and devices. There is the provision of custom splash screens and several assets for automatically updating web apps.

Reasons to consider Progressier in your no-code stack

  • Unlocking the power of the web: Without involving any coding work, you can now design JavaScript, no-code apps that are fully-featured with PWAs. With Progressier, it is possible to design such apps within minutes.
  • App Manifestation: With Progressier, you can easily manage the overall app manifest along with other features like service worker, splash screens, app icons, and push notifications -all on a single dashboard. There is no need of coding throughout.
  • A single push solution: With Progressier, you can now easily compose, preview, and transmit push notifications to the users. It can be implemented with the help of a single dashboard and API. It is also possible to auto-import subscribers from additional push services like OneSignal.

What can you accomplish with Progressier?

  • Unlimited traffic & storage: Progressier delivers the assurance of managing unlimited traffic through seamless storage solutions. The platform helps in hosting and serving your PWA assets without any additional cost and irrespective of the traffic of your website.
  • Universal Installation Link: As you will sign-up for Progressier, your PWA will receive a dedicated install page for enhancing the overall user experience. All of these can be achieved without any store hassles.
  • JavaScript and No-code integrations: Progressier remains compatible with most no-code builders and almost every JavaScript framework out there. As such, you can design applications without any technical knowledge of programming languages.

Top features of Progressier

  • In-app newsfeed
  • Screenshot designer
  • Programmatic PWA creation
  • PWA analytics
  • iOS push notifications
  • iOS splash screens

Pricing plans

  • Startup: $15 per month
  • Agency: $59 per month (Up to 30 PWAs)
  • Platform: custom

Learning resources

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