Gappsy allows anyone to create their own native mobile app, without coding of course.

A brief overview of Gappsy

Gappsy is a no-code, drag-and-drop app builder that has been recently introduced. Still, it has managed to grab the attention of multiple online businesses. The main selling point of the software solution is that it allows building apps within or less than 60 minutes. The startup is available as a highly cost-effective alternative to hiring expensive services from experienced developers. The software also offers complete control over how the business should appear -especially in the form of an application. Gappsy is available as a visual mobile-based app builder that allows the development of iOS and Android apps visually without any technical skills.

Reasons to consider Gappsy in your no-code stack

  • Ease of customization: With Gappsy, you can get access to more than 100 mobile-based app templates and layouts. You can choose the desired one and customize your mobile application according to your unique needs. You can also include your own business logo to the design.
  • Addition of advanced features: With Gappsy, you can easily add advanced features to the app you design. You can simply drag from the feature library and drop them in the right place within your app.
  • Ease of publishing: Gappsy allows you to even publish your apps on Android Playstore or iOS App Store seamlessly. You can simply follow the step-by-step guide at Gappsy to promote your app.

What can you accomplish with Gappsy?

  • Search engine Optimization: The proficient Gappsy team is capable of executing a detailed SEO report of the entire application or website. With the software, you can know how well your website ranks and what you can do to rank higher.
  • DIY services: Gappsy has a team of dedicated developers who can make use of the software features to design an interactive application based on your needs. The team can also publish your app on the desired stores for your business.
  • Security: Gappsy cares about security. Therefore, it executes proper security mechanisms to keep your app safe throughout.

Top features of Gappsy

  • Drag and drop
  • Access to multiple app templates and layouts
  • Ease of publishing apps
  • Chat system
  • Push notification
  • WooCommerce integration

Pricing plans

  • Monthly: $87
  • Yearly: $57 per month (save 35%)

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