Stage makes it easy for teams and individuals to design and prototype mobile apps.

A brief overview of Stage

Stage is a no-code mobile app builder that embraces brilliant ideas of creators and visualizes them to come up with interactive mobile applications. With Stage, there is no longer requirement of professional app design tools. With the unique approach of Stage, it is possible to create top-quality mobile apps and app screens within minutes.

Stage makes it simpler for individuals and design teams to create as well as prototype interactive mobile apps. There is no requirement of any coding or design skills. Stage has recently launched its Version 2.0 to enhance the process of mobile app designing. The entire dashboard of the no-code software tool is easy to use and interactive.

Reasons to consider Stage in your no-code stack

  • Designs Featuring Pre-made Components: With Stage, you can now create a base of the app design faster than ever before. There is the presence of a versatile drag-and-drop feature along with customizable components that are highly intuitive to help you achieve the desired results.
  • Access to Pattern Library: When you wish to design apps for mobile users, there is no longer requirement of starting the design from scratch. Stage is an interactive platform that offers ready-made screens from the collection of the most trending app design patterns.
  • Export to Design Tool: Do you end up wasting time on a white sheet while designing apps? There is no longer any need to do that. With Stage, you can easily transfer your design projects to Figma with the help of a single click. Then, you can continue with the designing part.

What can you accomplish with Stage?

  • Prototyping and User testing: Stage allows you to preview the app designs while testing them as if they were live. It is also possible to validate the functionality of the apps on real users before you start coding.
  • A Dedicated Workspace: With Stage, you get access to a dedicated workspace for the entire app design process. You can easily wireframe, design, and even prototype with the intuitive design capabilities of the platform.
  • High-fidelity Design: Shade enables you to set up typography and brand colors with the help of a few simple clicks. You can now make your app appear perfect as Stage helps in saving time and money on the overall design.

Top features of Stage

  • Rapid wireframing
  • Interactive prototyping
  • Pro designer tools and features
  • Pre-made themes

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Professional: $15 per month
  • Team: $49per month

Learning resources

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