PandaSuite is a cross-platform application development platform to turn your ideas into awesome apps, digital publications and interactive presentations without writing a single line of code

A brief overview of PandaSuite

PandaSuite was introduced in 2015 by a Parisian team. It is a no-code, SaaS platform for building and deploying applications along with interactive experiences. With PandaSuite, it is possible to create visually and attractively with the help of the feature-rich PandaSuite Studio. It enables you to design dedicated screens, play with over 40 components, and design animations. PandaSuite enables you to build a customized, fully-functioning app without the knowledge of any programming languages. With the single click of a button, users of PandaSuite are able to come up with a dedicated logic system featuring conditions and variables.

Reasons to consider PandaSuite in your no-code stack

  • Creation of Engaging and Dynamic Interfaces: You can easily download PandaSuite Studio for Mac and PC while creating your interfaces without any line of code. It is possible to import your content, create animations, and explore the range of several components.
  • Deployment of Native and Web Apps: It is possible to create apps once while deploying them everywhere in the best possible format. You can publish the apps on the web with the help of a personalized URL. It is also possible to deploy and export a native application for app stores and enterprise distribution.
  • Relevant Help & Support: PandaSuite allows you to develop your skills at your own pace. It is achieved with the help of over 150 online tutorials, templates, articles, and videos. The team offers remote support for answering all your queries.

What can you accomplish with PandaSuite?

  • Use Cases: More than 15,000 users make use of PandaSuite across different parts of the world for supporting them in the digital projects. These could include digital learning, virtual tour, sales enablement, digital marketing, digital signage, and internal communication.
  • Secure Cloud Infrastructure: PandaSuite makes use of the most advanced and the latest security tools for protecting your data –from application security to database security.
  • Custom Design: It is possible to import the visual elements –including videos, icons, and images. You can design your screens with ample flexibility.

Top features of PandaSuite

  • Integration management
  • Deployment management
  • Visual modeling
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Workflow management
  • Web and mobile app development

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Pro: €29 per user (account)
  • Web: €79 per app (publishing)
  • Single: €99 per app (publishing)
  • Multi: €169 per app (publishing)
  • Full: €199 per app (publishing)

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