Budibase is a modern, open source low-code platform for building modern internal applications in minutes
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Budibase is a no-code, open-source, modern platform for building, designing, and shipping internal tools. With Budibase, it becomes a seamless process to build applications at least 50 times faster. Budibase can be used for creating internal tools, business apps, forms, and even automating slack alerts. The best part is that Budibase is open-source. Therefore, you can ensure its connection to Rest APIs, SQL, or even start from scratch. With the ease of creating business apps and internal tools seamlessly with this platform, you can empower productivity and boost business efficiency.

Why this tool

  • Instantly Turning Data into Apps: with Budibase, it is possible to easily connect to some external database while pulling out data from the Rest API, importing the CSV, or starting from beginning with the help of the built-in database of Budibase.
  • Connection to All Components: When you are using Budibase, you can easily ensure connection to multiple data sources. These might include MySQL, Postgres, Google Sheets, Oracle, while building apps within minutes.
  • Creation of Interactive Apps: At Budibase, you are provided with the best-ever app development experience. There is immense focus on the overall application design. Budibase allows every user to design just like professionals with its no-code platform.
  • Design for All Purpose: With Budibase, you can easily create attractive apps that work perfectly for desktop, tablet, and mobile. At the same time, it is also possible to update the theme of the app with the help of two simple clicks.

What you can accomplish with this tool

  • Rest API Connector: You can use the powerful Rest API Connector by Budibase for ensuring connection with Rest APIs, fetching data, receiving form data, authenticating with external APIs, and building modern business apps within minutes.
  • Access to Powerful Building Blocks: Budibase enables you to access feature-rich building blocks for designing bespoke internal tools and apps. For instance, you can utilize components like tables, charts, and cards for optimum results.
  • Custom Validation: You can look forward to taking control over the process of form validation –including regex support.
  • Best-in-class Form Builder: You can also design powerful, custom forms with Budibase for all types of scenarios. You can design components like surveys, public forms, multi-step forms, and so more.

Tool Features

  • Testing management
  • Workflow management
  • App integrations
  • App development
  • Code assistance
  • Application templates


  • Cloud: Free forever (BuildBase hosted)
  • Open-source: Free forever (Self Hosted)
  • Enterprise: Custom

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