BuildBox is a no-code mobile game development platform that enables creators to design, build, and publish 3D & 2D mobile video games

A brief overview of BuildBox

Buildbox is an easy-to-use game development app that lets you create games without any coding. It has all the tools that you need to complete your game inside the software.  You can design your characters or choose from the premade ones, customise the scenery as you wish and make your way through a series of levels to reach the finish line. The platform also provides prebuilt options for you to join in on others' creations and give them some constructive feedback. Use an intuitive visual editor to create your own game from scratch. Preview it in real-time and publish it directly to iOS or Android.

Reasons to consider BuildBox in your no-code stack

  • With Buildbox Classic, building 2D games and prototyping is not only fast but straightforward. Drag and drop your assets onto the Drop Wheel as a background, character, object, or action. Then edit to customise. There's no coding involved.
  • Using this platform, you can easily create a game using the drop-down options.
  • There are 17 gameplay presets inbuilt with them. This tool has been successful in that, within a year, more than 40 games have been created using the software.

What can you accomplish with BuildBox?

  • If you aspire to create games but lack coding knowledge, this platform is for you. You can choose from built-in special effects like particles, lights, and trails that you can choose from and drag into any scene or attach to a character. Create animated smoke, fire, or sparks and much more.
  • If you’re new to building games, Buildbox Classic lets you drag and drop to make a game without coding using preset templates.
  • If you want to build out your game ideas fast with the Creator Tool and preview mode, you can create and test games in real-time.

Top features of BuildBox

  • Collision editor, scene editor embedded within
  • The Parallax Effect - access multiple layers in the same background
  • Importing sources from other domain
  • Customisable Splash screen
  • 100% of any revenue earned through any in-app purchases goes directly to you
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