Crowd Machine

Create, Deploy and Manage Powerful Apps Using Logic, Not Code

A brief overview of Crowd Machine

Too much dependence on IT and development? Crowd Machine offers a new approach to the development and deployment of web applications. Cloud resources are dynamically provisioned and released on demand by an application itself. Applications that run atop the Crowd Machine platform can be built using any programming language or framework. This gives enterprises unprecedented flexibility in the development process and makes it possible to exploit the latest innovations in languages, frameworks, and other technologies. Building, testing and deploying new and innovative solutions are more accessible than ever before. The Crowd Machine platform is the fastest way to integrate and automate your business processes like cloud moderation and application integration.

Reasons to consider Crowd Machine in your no-code stack

  • Crowd Machine promotes an innovative AI-driven approach to the application lifecycle to achieve rapid and sophisticated solutions with better quality, fewer resource requirements and increased productivity.
  • It reduces the amount of time between development and deployment and ensures a streamlined process.
  • Enhance productivity and user experience by integrating legacy systems and third-party enterprises like databases, directory services, legacy systems, and OData interfaces.

What can you accomplish with Crowd Machine?

  • It helps you focus on the people you insure with customer-centric solutions that deliver intuitive customer experiences, seamless interaction, and meaningful outcomes.
  • You can manage your enterprise with its help. Crowd Machine enables your enterprise to integrate all of the people, apps, and data across all the systems used daily.
  • Crown machine offers Business Intelligence (BI). It thus leverages software and services to rework data into actionable insights that inform an organisation’s strategic and tactical business decisions.

Top features of Crowd Machine

  • All-In-One ABL Platform
  • Tailored To Your Requirements
  • Quick & Easy Migration
  • Agile Reports & Dashboards
  • Dynamic Real-Time Borrowing

Pricing plans

  • On request only

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