Allcancode is an open low-code platform for building custom web and mobile applications, that generates code for all popular frameworks.

A brief overview of Allcancode

Allcancode is no-code software development platform that also features the capabilities of low-code or pro-code development effortlessly without any limitations. Allcancode was introduced in 2014 to ensure that software development becomes accessible to a broader target audience. The platform also aims at allowing professional developers to continue focusing on composing algorithms rather than being frustrated due to error-filled and complex tool chains.

Allcancode is a leading software development platform that follows the hybrid coding approach -combining no-code, low-code, and pro-code software development concepts. The platform transformed itself from being a game maker to a feature-rich application maker for web & mobile applications.

Reasons to consider Allcancode in your no-code stack

  • Custom UIs: With Allcancode, it is possible to build custom UIs with its low code, no-code, and pro-code development capabilities. It is possible to design your UI layouts from scratch with the help of the built-in visual editor. You can also consider importing from Figma. The platform allows you to build unique experiences rather than copied versions.
  • Multiple Integrations: With Allcancode, it is possible to integrate with anything. You can include any UI or logic component available in the market. You can also think of building in-house and using the same natively. Connect the UI to any backend exposing API or start building on your own.
  • One-click Publish: With Allcancode, you can automatically deliver the application to the end users. It is possible to make use of cloud-based web servers while uploading to Apple App Store and Google Play with the single click of a button.

What can you accomplish with Allcancode?

  • Ease of Building More: With less writing and coding, it is possible to build more with Allcancode. There are no limits to building applications of your choice. The combined approach of low-code, no-code, and pro-code app development concepts allows you to build applications without any limitations.
  • Ease of Automating: With Allcancode, there is no need of hiring a dedicated developer to manually translate the UI layout into the respective code. This process is executed automatically without any mistakes or challenges.
  • Organized Development: Allcancode allows you to create collections of reusable UI-based components with any linked logic. Therefore, you can develop design systems for your unique projects.
  • Visual Coding: It is a simple development process for those who do not possess in-depth technical knowledge about coding. Moreover, less work for experienced developers ensures better focus on the development of advanced algorithms.

Top features of Allcancode

  • Hybrid development
  • Front and backend support
  • Effective collaboration
  • One-click publish

Pricing plans

  • Startup: $19 per collaborator per month
  • Product: $99 per collaborator per month
  • Advanced: $329 per collaborator per month
  • Enterprise: custom

Learning resources

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