WEM is a no-code application development and hosting Platform as a Service (appPaaS) that enables any subject matter expert to create custom applications without programming.
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For application development, WEM has a brilliant and modular approach. The modeller is an outstanding means of abstracting the business process and the data generated by it. Wem is an app builder that lets you build, deploy and manage your mobile apps in the cloud. The only end-to-end solution offers you a complete set of tools to create, test,, and update your apps with ease. It helps you build the most pixel-perfect applications of any complexity and size with ease. Furthermore, it gives your application a timeless look and feels while simultaneously saving you time, money and effort.

Why this tool

  • WEM is built from the ground up to offer a secure infrastructure and application security requirements conforming to enterprise and government IT requirements.
  • WEM is flexible without compromise yet incredibly fast! Its customers report 85%-90% time saving for creating applications.
  • Your applications can process data, create documents, run automated processes, send reports or do any other task.

What you can accomplish with this tool

  • “The amount of time it takes us to develop new applications is reduced drastically, and the customer satisfaction is very high,“ says Upendra Dharmadhikary, the Vice President, Tech Mahindra.
  • “The platform allows us to deliver results to government customers at a speed and reliability which we simply can’t find elsewhere. Working with the team is a pleasure, and overall we are delighted,“ says Jordan Peter, the CEO of Infinity IT.
  • “WEM allows us to deliver results, unlike any other platform. It gives us an extremely competitive edge in the market, and this is the primary reason why we have switched to using WEM exclusively,“ says Evert Jan van Hasselt Managing Partner, Web bit 21.

Tool Features

  • Visual development
  • Integrate with any system or database
  • Single Sign-on, OAuth and SAML
  • Native mobile apps
  • Powerful UI/UX


  • On request only

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