Softools is a No-Code Development Platform (NCDP) where business process apps are built and deployed in hours - without the need for any coding.

A brief overview of Softools

Softools is the fastest and simplest platform to build and deploy Enterprise-Grade DIY Apps. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can use the visual app builder to create anything you want in just a few minutes. As a Platform as a Service (PaaS), Softools offers everything you need to build powerful web apps without any infrastructure setup or DevOps work. Its open API allows you to extend your app functionality with custom modules written in any language of your choice. Softools solutions make best-practice your new standard. An easily accessible single-source of information supports the collaboration and governance required to deliver efficiently and consistently.

Reasons to consider Softools in your no-code stack

  • Softools Web Applications are ready to go - complete with database, profiles, and fully configurable security settings.
  • Its modern user interface comes out of the box for all applications, providing an excellent user experience without building it.
  • Its off-the-shelf apps cover all business functions and can be used in isolation or as part of an integrated enterprise solution.

What can you accomplish with Softools?

  • With Softools DIY Apps, you can harness this knowledge and empower any SME team to solve business problems, without reliance on IT and with approval of the CTO.
  • Apps that adopt a ‘Responsive Design’  allow users to operate on any device from smart-phone or tablet to pc – out of the box.  True anywhere anytime operation.
  • Deploy smart devices (increasingly referred to as the Intelligent Edge) to generate real-time performance data of any operation or process, and feed this via an IOT Hub into the EAP to aggregate, analyse and ultimately drive action across the business.

Top features of Softools

  • Hosted in a secure and scalable environment
  • Data allowance and backups included (subject to fair use limits)
  • Continuous upgrade of the platform and features
  • Platform level support
  • App portfolio audit: assessment of current applications and strategic improvement

Pricing plans

  • User Licenses: £30 per month
  • Platform Setup: £9,000
  • App Incubator: £12,000

Learning resources

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