Build AI-powered SaaS apps with no code.

A brief overview of Frontly

Frontly is a modern no-code SaaS and web app builder, offering powerful features and a rapid app development process.

Unlike other app builders, Frontly allows users to build and maintain their own library of reusable blocks, duplicate entire apps and pages, and even share and sell their designs in Frontly’s marketplace to earn revenue.

Build apps in minutes to display your data in a custom visual interface, filter data based on custom permissions, generate and revise with AI, and connect to your external systems through workflow automation integrations.

Reasons to consider Frontly in your no-code stack

  • If you've used other no-code web app builders, you'll know that they generally fall into two categories: Too complex/cluttered or too simplistic and limited.
  • Frontly achieves a unique balance of an extremely easy and fast build process while offering highly advanced features like custom chained actions and fully custom reusable blocks built on top of CSS flexbox principles, allowing you to create apps that can do just about anything.
  • Frontly’s OpenAI integration makes it possible to build and launch custom AI-powered data generation and revision tools with complex multi-step flows in a matter of minutes.

What can you accomplish with Frontly?

  • Build AI-powered SaaS apps and custom internal tools in record time.
  • Unlike simplistic app-builders, Frontly allows you to build whatever you can imagine with data filters, custom actions, reusable blocks and AI generation.
  • Whatever you can imagine visually, you can build in Frontly with our powerful layout builder based on CSS flexbox row/column principles.

Top features of Frontly

  • Build AI SaaS apps in minutes
  • Build your own library of custom reusable blocks
  • Filter data based on the logged-in user
  • Trigger custom chained actions with conditional steps
  • Dynamic state management
  • Google Sheets and Supabase back-ends
  • Webhooks
  • Fastest, intuitive no-code builder

Pricing plans

  • Basic: $20/month
  • Growth: $40/month
  • Team: $60/month

30% discount on annual plans

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