Frontly helps you launch a powerful app using their pre-designed components, without coding.

A brief overview of Frontly

Frontly is a no-code development tool that allows you to build interactive tools to fit your business requirements explicitly. With Frontly, you can now replace complicated spreadsheets and workflows with the help of custom internal tools that help in streamlining operations without writing a single line of code. The platform also allows you to build a custom marketplace or SaaS app with the help of only Airtable data or Google Sheets. There is no requirement of code throughout.

Reasons to consider Frontly in your no-code stack

  • No-code Development: Rather than depending on software developers, Frontly now allows you to enable team members to come up with their own custom admin tools. This will help in making their overall work more efficient. The best part is that there is no coding expertise required.
  • Project Management: Frontly is a custom app development tool that allows you to move projects through custom stages. At the same time, you can also edit information for your project depending on the specific requirements.
  • Flexible CRMs: Frontly allows you to ensure fully customized data management for the purpose of sales and even beyond. With access to flexible CRMs, you can manage the development process of applications without any hassle.
  • Advanced Analytics: Frontly allows you to seamlessly visualize client data with the help of graphs, tables, and charts. With access to advanced analytics, you can optimize the overall performance of the app.

What can you accomplish with Frontly?

  • Faster Development: Whether you make use of the REST API or a spreadsheet, you can consider launching a powerful app with all the necessary features. You can make use of the pre-designed components available at Frontly for designing the interface and connecting to data within minutes. Some additional features supporting faster development are sorting & filtering, user management, dynamic data, and secure login.
  • Solving Real Business Problems: Frontly offers businesses and employees a secure way to login. This allows them to only view and edit data that you would like them to access. There is no requirement of giving access to your spreadsheet. It is also possible to obtain data from multiple sheets in a single app or page.
  • Solving Shortage of Talent: For small businesses, hiring experienced developers can be quite overwhelming. Frontly serves to be your go-to solution for app development without the requirement of hiring specialized talent to do the work.

Top features of Frontly

  • Custom actions
  • Branding
  • Permission roles
  • Custom layouts
  • Dynamic content

Pricing plans

  • Starting Plan: $29 per user per month

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