Unqork is a completely visual, no-code application platform that helps large enterprises build complex custom software faster, with higher quality
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Unqork's software development platform is a unique, powerful and cost-effective solution that helps large enterprises rapidly develop complex customised software. It consists of a suite of high-end tools, comprehensive security protocols and sophisticated monitoring systems. The company's flagship product - the Process Orchestrator - allows businesses to automate their routine processes by intelligently communicating with each other. It offers services to design, integrate, manage, and monitor powerful, enterprise-grade applications without writing a single line of code. On a single platform, Unqork enables you to own the entire software development lifecycle and information management.

Why this tool

  • Unqork allows you to build sophisticated applications based on a library of pre-built configurable components, encrypt data to and from your application. With best-practice operational security controls, and efficiently and securely deploy and manage complex release processes.
  • Provides a collaborative platform that frees your technology team from high-volume development and management tasks so they can do the best work of their careers.
  • Because development is entirely visual, with Unqork, your team can build complex applications much faster than conventional solutions.

What you can accomplish with this tool

  • Develop enterprise applications 3x faster without sacrificing quality. Because projects can get ramped up quickly and with lower costs, the cost of innovation and experimentation is greatly mitigated.
  • With Unqork, changes can be made with far fewer resources providing 3x cost savings vs Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with a code/low-code-based approach.

Tool Features

  • Configure feature-rich software in a completely visual environment.
  • Visually build and control complex application logic.
  • Leverage a deep library of industry-specific templates
  • Build with complete database freedom and flexibility
  • Easily integrate with legacy systems and transform data.
  • Take control of your software development process.


  • On request only

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