October 4, 2023
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No-Code Inspiration

Glide App Examples: Admirable No-Code Startups Built with Glide

Presenting to you this hand-curated list of the first-class Glide app examples. These are some of the most diverse, and fairly complex apps built with Glide. Check them out.

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Glide made news when it claimed that you can build apps (using Glide) in less than five minutes!

While this is true but don't let this statement misguide you into forming an opinion that Glide is meant for building only low-end, simple apps.

Glide is one of the most popular, most versatile no-code app builders out there. It is known for its simplicity, great design, and ease of use. Although it’s easy to get started with Glide, it can be used to build some really complex apps. [If you new to no-code, we recommend you read this in-depth guide to What Is No-Code]

To substantiate this, we asked LowCode Agency to present to you a curated list of some really awesome Glide apps that they have built for their clients.

LowCode is the largest Glide apps agency, having built 230+ Glide apps to date. Their team of experts has developed some really cool no-code apps leveraging Glide and some other tools to help their clients launch MVPs, build internal business tools, build web apps, etc.

Curious to discover some of the coolest Glide app examples?

Let's dive right into it!

Here are the top 12, all-time favourite Glide apps built by LowCode Agency:

1. GigLaw

Glide App Examples - gigLAW

GigLaw allows law students to browse a list of law firm tasks and law companies to identify and rate eligible students for their assignments. Creating a student-lawyer marketplace. Glide was a good choice for this app since the founder was already familiar with Glide and the budget constraints allowed the founding team to spend money on other resources such as marketing while keeping their development budget under control with their Glide app.

  • Link to Glide app: gigLAW
  • App category: Legal services
  • Build time: 2 weeks
  • No-code tools used (besides Glide): Make (formerly Integromat)

2. Consience Cart

Glide App Examples - Conscience Cart
Conscience Cart

Conscience Cart is a sustainability-focused app that allows users to explore local, sustainable, and ethical items across several categories, learn more about them, and find the ones that are nearest to them. As a no-code MVP, the goal was to build something quickly that allowed the founder to onboard businesses into the app.

  • Link to Glide app: Conscience Cart
  • App category: Sustainability
  • Build time: 3 weeks

3. Africa Ever After

Glide App Examples - AfricaEverAfter

AfricaEverAfter is an app that hosts a massive list of African wedding vendors. This platform, which is still in development, is compiling the largest database of sellers in the United States who specialize in selling to the African diaspora. It has normal features like email and text notifications, plugged into the backend of Glide using Integromat.

  • Link to Glide app: AfricaEverAfter
  • App category: Wedding & events
  • Build time: 4 weeks
  • No-code tools used (besides Glide): Make (formerly Integromat)

4. Napps

Glide App Examples - Napps

Napp is a UK beauty salon's online booking app that specializes in Afro-American hairstyles and hair types. Customers may book salons here, while hair stylists can sell their services and manage their calendars.

The salon needed a platform to manage hairdressers while also allowing them to showcase their unique talents with customers, as well as an app for users to view the talent of the hairdressers and book their services. Since 2 sided marketplaces require a lot of money to grow, the founders chose Glide for its simplicity and budget, which allows them to spend more money acquiring users.

  • Link to Glide app: Napps
  • App category: Beauty & personal care
  • Build time: 3 weeks

5. My Shoots

Glide App Examples - MyShoots

MyShoots is a shooting clubs network app where club managers are equipped with functionalities like adding shooting dates, inviting club members to these shooting events, etc... Managers, users, and beaters/picker-uppers may all use the same app to engage and learn more about clubs, events and shots. This MVP built on Glide has allowed the owner to pivot quickly and super economically, and to validate the demand for this market.

  • Link to Glide app: MyShoots
  • App category: Shooting day & events
  • Build time: 2 weeks

6. Surgery Sam

Glide App Examples - Surgery Sam
Surgery Sam

Surgery Sam, through a series of educational videos that offer ideas and strategies for each day of the pet's healing process, instructs users on how to help their dogs recover following surgery. Glide is a great tool for these white-labeled veterinary apps that keep costs down and provide a unique user experience.

  • Link to Glide app: Surgery Sam
  • App category: Veterinary services
  • Build time: 3 weeks
  • No-code tools used (besides Glide): Make (formerly Integromat)

7. Cibo Groups

Glide App Examples - Cibo Groups
Cibo Groups

This is an app that allows businesses to sell baked goods while also donating them to non-profit groups to claim that they are reducing food waste.

LowCode developed this incredibly user-friendly software that allows customers to explore a range of restaurants, make a purchase, and pick up their meals via the app.

Restaurants register their inventory and choose whether to sell or donate dishes. Non-profit organizations can purchase a monthly membership and claim up to two servings each day, helping to reduce restaurant food waste.

  • Link to Glide app: Cibo Groups
  • App category: Non-profits
  • Build time: 4 weeks
  • No-code tools used (besides Glide): Twilio

8. Podz

Glide App Examples - Podz

This is a ground-breaking social networking MVP in which artists may submit Podz, which features content and destinations that users can save to their favorites and use to plan their journey. This app appeals to a wide range of hobbies, including beauty, fitness, foodies, content makers, and others. Creators may make money by accepting tips and providing premium Podz as well as unique requests. While the founder had commissioned a native app as well, the Glide app has allowed them to start onboarding users right away and presenting the app to investors.

  • Link to Glide app: Podz
  • App category: Social media
  • Build time: 3 weeks
  • No-code tools used (besides Glide): Make (formerly Integromat)

9. Telesomm

Glide App Examples - Telesomm

The client wanted a platform on which sommeliers could virtually offer their skills and wine experiences, as well as the ability for their customers to plan and purchase experiences in a straightforward, simplified manner while picking their favourite sommeliers.

LowCode created a platform for wine enthusiasts to learn more about wine, attend events, and book sommeliers for in-person and virtual bespoke events and tastings. Glide provides every needed feature, and by integrating Calendly via Integromat, a super robust booking platform could be built.

  • Link to Glide app: Telesomm
  • App category: Specialized social network
  • Build time: 2 weeks
  • No-code tools used (besides Glide): Calendly, Make (formerly integromat)

10. Emotional Resilience

Glide App Examples - Emotional Resilience
Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience App is built for for teens and children to help them with necessary tools improve their mental health as well as keep a record of their feelings, among other self-improvement options.

The client want to integrate all of the resources at their disposal and offer young people the ability to track and enhance their emotional and mental states via the use of an easy-to-use, aesthetically beautiful, and personalized app. This proof of concept app has gone through so many iterations, which is kind of the reason this was built with Glide.

11. Detail Secure

Glide App Examples - Detail Secure
Detail Secure

Detail Secure is a custom-built app that enables its users to handle work requests and professional agents, as well as clients that want private protection for a variety of occasions. Users can request a security guard/agent by posting a job with the information of the event, date, time, addresses, and more, so that both businesses and guards can view all submitted jobs on a map or in a list to determine whether they meet the job's criteria. Glide provides a clean and easy to use interface for multiple different types of users.

  • Link to Glide app: Detail Secure
  • App category: Security
  • Build time: 2 weeks
  • No-code tools used (besides Glide): Twilio, Make (formerly Integromat)

12. Intro CRM

Glide App Examples - IntroCRM

This app is built to provide a platform that allows IntroCRM to provide warm leads and contacts to their clients, in a sales-as-a-service model. To parse CSV files and convert them to businesses and leads, LowCode created a one-of-a-kind system based mostly on Integromat, with a front end developed using Glideapps. The end-user may log in and grade those businesses and leads, which alerts the account manager to add those leads to the client's CRM. Glide provides the front end, and there’s a lot of heavy lifting being done on the backend by Integromat, sending slack messages, tasks, notifications and more.

  • Official website: https://introcrm.com/
  • App category: CRM
  • Build time: 3 weeks
  • No-code tools used (besides Glide): Close.io, Slack, Make (formerly Integromat)

Wrapping Up

Well, 2-4 weeks of building with Glide is a good amount of time to bring your app ideas to life. We hope all these Glide app examples motivated you to start building your first (or next) no-code app. Whether you want to build internal tools or a consumer facing app - Glide can handle it all.

Alternatively, you may also consider some of these other cool no-code app builders, and select the one that best fits your use case.

Also, check this massive listicle on No Code Startups.

Lastly, we asked Jesus Vargas, Founder of LowCode Agency for some advice:

As one of the top Glide experts in the world, what advice would you give to somebody who wants to build their own Glide app?

Glide might look simplistic on the surface, but the more you dig, the more robust it gets. We’ve seen apps built in Glide save businesses hundreds of hours in repetitive tasks, and we’ve seen Glide apps raising VC money. Glide has a great UI which allows users to build the functionality, and not worry about design; which means faster development.

If you want to learn more about other Glide apps, do check out LowCode’s portfolio, as well as some deep-dives and case studies.

Now, time to answer some of your most common questions on Glide:

What is Glide?

Glide is an exceptional no-code app builder that turns spreadsheets into powerful apps & websites, without writing any code. Glide apps are simple and visually appealing. You can start with spreadsheets or templates, customise your apps and launch it. It lets you create apps and websites with simple spreadsheet skills.

Check out this short intro video to get an overview of Glide in 90 seconds:

Know more about Glide here.

What can I build with Glide?

Glide can just be the right tool for a wide range of use-cases. As it is evident from this article, Glide can be used to build anything from customised CRM to numerous internal business tools to e-commerce stores.

Check out some more use cases here.

Because you can use Google Sheets as a database, you have complete control of your data in a friendly, simple visual interface. And, Glide's vast component library is loaded with useful pre-built modules like calendar view, user profiles, map view, modern themes, collaborative features, and a lot more.

What I can't build with Glide?

You cannot build native iOS or Android apps with Glide; Not out of the box at least. However, there are a few third party tools that help you do just the same but it can get a bit tricky for non-coders.

While components are the most useful features of Glide but they are also one of the most limiting factors too. You cannot customise these components beyond text, colour and layout.

Additionally, there are other limiting factors such as number of rows in Google Sheet (last we checked, the limit was 25,000 rows) and slow refresh rates which makes any real-time utilities non-viable on Glide.

Can my Glide App scale?

Glide apps can scale very well when it comes to number of users; can easily support several hundred thousand users. However, when it comes to the amount of data in an app there are a few bottlenecks. Therefore, Glide cannot handle this hypothetical scenario when your hundreds of thousands of app users create content in-app.

What other tools/services can Glide connect and integrate with?

Zapier, Integromat, Google Analytics, Tiller Money. See more on Glide integrations here.

Where can I learn "how to build apps on Glide"?

Official Glide video guides are one of the best learning resources available today.

If you are an absolute beginner the check these Glide apps tutorials for beginners by Jesus Vargas, Founder of LowCode Agency.

You may also want to check this Coursera course and Makerpad Glide tutorials.

How long will it take me to learn Glide?

A few hours is more than enough to get acquainted with Glide. So, if armed with the right learning resources, you can learn to build Glide apps within a day.

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