allows you to create mobile applications directly from your phone or tablet, without coding of course

A brief overview of is a no-code tool for building interactive apps. You can create applications with the help of PC, tablet, or phone. While creating applications, you can easily add buttons, texts, and even maps by only dropping advanced features on the screen. The tool is armed with features for supporting a wide range of actions related to app creation and modification.

Reasons to consider in your no-code stack

  • Absence of Templates Offering Unlimited Possibilities: When you are browsing for similar solutions, you will find that there are other app generators featuring rigid templates. However, with Pineapple, you can make the app on your own. You can own every single element of the app including pixel on the screen, size, font, and colors.
  • Portable Features: You can now create apps directly from your table and smartphone on the go. You can easily create, edit, and even test the app using the platform.
  • Running & Sharing: During the development of Pineapple, its developers had run and tested the same several times. You can, therefore, test your own app on-device with the help of a single tap of the button as you edit its functionalities. You can also share the application for others to run it.
  • Ease of Exporting Code: With Pineapple, you can get access to endless possibilities. You can create apps that can be easily exported to the native code such that developers are capable of building on top of what has already been created.

What can you accomplish with

  • Launch of Apple Schoolwork (Soon): Pineapple will soon become a core tool in education. Addition of Schoolwork support will allow teachers to create assignments, grade them, and measure the overall progress.
  • Swift Playgrounds Compatibility: People who learn Swift love coding on the iPads with the help of Swift Playgrounds. With Pineapple, you can now check and run the code of the app within Swift Playgrounds.
  • Ease of Creating Native Apps: Developers or even non-technical designers can easily create native apps with the interactive features of the platform.

Top features of

  • Drag and drop capability
  • Access to multiple templates
  • Code export capability
  • Portable features

Pricing plans

  • Pineapple Gold: $4.99 per month (annual billing)
  • Pineapple Gold: $9.99 per month (monthly billing)

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