Dashblock is the easiest way to automate websites without coding

A brief overview of Dashblock

Dashblock is a software program used for automating processes during website testing while ensuring the collection of data seamlessly. The software makes use of a revolutionary Machine Learning tool for creating web automation and executing it with the help of an API call. The platform also integrated Slack and Zapier. Both small as well as medium-sized companies make use of Dashblock for adding variables, sending top-level commands, selecting elements visually, and obtaining visual feedback in real-time.

Reasons to consider Dashblock in your no-code stack

  • Turning Blocks into Use-Cases: With Dashblock, it is possible to set up highly sophisticated automation with the use of simple blocks that can be easily configured and chained. You can easily look forward to creating custom blocks and using the same whenever you need some particular action.
  • No-code Automation: Dashblock ensures the ease of RPA or Robotic Process Automation without the involvement of any code. Users can make use of pre-built robots or go forward with creating their own robots for visiting websites and triggering APIs –all without coding.
  • Enhanced CRM: With Dashblock, it is possible to update the CRM seamlessly. It can be achieved by simply connecting the CRM with robots for gathering relevant insights as well as signals about users on the web.

What can you accomplish with Dashblock?

  • Qualified Leads: Dashblock allows you to go through a wide range of ready-to-use, pre-built robots for generating leads that match up the ICP. It is possible to qualify your prospects with the help of different sources while automatically pushing them to the email automation tool. You can also improve the prospecting success by generating your own leads.
  • Visual Web Automation: The online browser of the software tool makes the overall configuration resilient and easy to use. You can use it as if it is on your desktop. It is also possible to simple drag and drop blocks for defining automation, creating complex workflow logic, and connecting with the favorite apps.
  • Remarkably Fast Experiments: With Dashblock, you can easily skip the burden of integration while sprint planning for trying out new services of the platform. You can use Dashblock for creating the experimentation culture and defining your own growth.

Top features of Dashblock

  • Testing management
  • Data capture
  • Feedback management
  • Web automation
  • Source code editor

Pricing plans

  • Maker: $10 per month
  • Startup: $150 per month
  • Business: $500 per month

Learning resources

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