Virtus Flow

Virtus Flow is an innovative No- Code Digital Process Automation (DPA) platform to streamline any business process

A brief overview of Virtus Flow

Virtus Flow is a no-code, real-time digital form of process automation platform that has been designed to streamline a series of business processes with the help of intelligent web forms and workflows. With this platform, the process of purchase requisition can be automated within 10 minutes. Virtus Flow is an interactive platform that is utilized by a wide range of industry verticals -ranging from healthcare to banks, retail, to service companies, all around the world.

With Virtus Flow, users can look forward to saving around 80 percent of the total time in designing interactive workflows. It can be achieved with the combination of essential elements including conditions, logic, and forms.

Reasons to consider Virtus Flow in your no-code stack

  • Drag and drop form builder: With Virtus Flow, creating online forms has become a seamless task. With the help of this interactive, no-code platform, you can easily create any type of form. There is no requirement of any technical knowledge. 
  • Addition of Rules & Conditions: You can also consider adding any type of conditional logic to the respective form fields for routing information, sending notifications, storing data, and so more. 
  • Ease of Embedding into the Website: You can make the essential elements easily accessible to external users. It can be achieved by embedding the core features to your website seamlessly within seconds. 
  • Impressive Collection of Templates: You can make use of interactive templates while customizing forms within minutes. You can also think of creating templates with Virtus Flow from scratch.

What can you accomplish with Virtus Flow?

  • Quick Retrieval of Data: Virtus Flow allows you to quickly gather information about all your data within the website. You can also think of using third-party apps data by automatically pulling information to and from the forms. 
  • App Integration: Virtus Flow ensures seamless integrations with the dedicated apps for which you wish to achieve maximum optimization and automation. 
  • No-code Form Builder: With Virtus Flow, it is possible to create customized form builders. Move along different sections of the form while adding the rules that you wish to apply. It helps in quickly adding approval steps as well as logic for delivering information to the respective team. You can quickly connect different steps with the help of a single click.

Top features of Virtus Flow

  • Collaboration tools
  • Templates
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Business process automation
  • Access controls and permissions
  • Processing modeling and designing

Pricing plans

  • Growth: $10 per month
  • Professional: $20 per month
  • Enterprise: custom

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