Callingly is a no-code lead response management software that ensures inbound leads get a callback in seconds, every single time

A brief overview of Callingly

Callingly is a sales automation platform that aids teams in speeding up the response times while streamlining the process to every lead gets proper response. Callingly is a lead following solution that allows businesses to ensure instant follow-ups. With Callingly, it is possible to turn your phone number into a dedicated link that can be posted, controlled, and tracked from any corner of the world. With Callingly, every lead receives a call within seconds and every result is tracked effectively.

Reasons to consider Callingly in your no-code stack

  • Speed to Lead: You can now close more inbound sales by calling back the web leads within seconds. Callingly helps in improving contact rates and reducing lead response times by dialing your sales team in a matter of seconds.
  • Intelligent Lead Routing: You can route leads to the right agent on the basis of logic and rules. As a lead will complete your form, Callingly will instantly dial the sales agent on the basis of simple logic and custom rules.
  • Sales Performance Management: It is possible to optimize remote-based sales team performance with the help of call recording and analytics. Callingly effectively connects sales agents and offers you more visibility into the overall performance.
  • Access to SMS Responses: In case your agents are not available, you can automatically send the lead an SMS or a text message for ensuring the right conversation. Through this capability, you can also let them be aware of the fact that you will remain in touch.
  • Notes & Tags for Improved Experience: You can leave tags and notes on every lead and every call for keeping a track of the overall results.

What can you accomplish with Callingly?

  • Whitelabeling: It is available for agencies only. Callingly ensures whitelabeling for your customers while offering access to a customized and branded experience on your own domain.
  • Whispertext: With Callingly, you can customize what your sales representatives hear upon picking the phone. It includes all vital information related to the leads while ensuring that they are prepped up.
  • Integration with Any CRM or Lead Platform: With the easy-to-use and interactive Webhooks and other integrations, Callingly is capable of ringing your phone and getting you in line with incoming leads instantly. Moreover, you can also stay in sync with the CRM.

Top features of Callingly

  •   Lead routing
  •   Reporting & analytics
  •   Customer caller IDs
  •   Call recording
  •   Follow-up calls
  •   Scheduling

Pricing plans

  • Business: $49 per month (for growing businesses)
  • Agency: $249 per month (for agencies and retailers)

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