Fastgen is a visual API and workflow builder to create backends and automations

A brief overview of Fastgen

Fastgen is the complete low-code backend to build your business logic. You can build APIs, CRON jobs, store data in a Postgres database, authenticate and manage your users, and more without worrying about hosting.

Fastgen offers a beautifully designed drag-and-drop platform to build your flows but also allows you to extend it with custom Javascript or Python. You can even install npm packages.

Fastgen launches massive new features on a monthly basis. You can find their public changelog here:

Here's a quick intro of the platform:

Reasons to consider Fastgen in your low-code / no-code stack

  • They have the best UI/UX in their space.
  • The Fastgen team is shipping products faster than most people in the space.
  • They listen to their users. If their users want a feature, you can be certain they will launch it soon.
  • Their community is very active and you get answers to all your questions at a high speed.
  • They were DevTool of the month on ProductHunt.
  • They are a YC-backed, global team.

What can you accomplish with Fastgen

  • Build scalable backends for customer-facing or internal products
  • Build MVPs 10x faster
  • Build CRON jobs
  • Build internal notifications
  • Extend the features of your existing product

Top features of Fastgen

  • Database- API Builder
  • CRON Job Builder
  • User Auth
  • Sophisticated Debugging
  • Custom code if you want it

Pricing plans

  • Free Plan: Available
  • Starter Plan: $12 per month onwards
  • Pro Plan: $35 per month onwards
  • Team Plan: $85 per month onwards

Learning resources

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