Amazon Honeycode gives you the power to build apps for managing your team's work. No programming required.

A brief overview of Honeycode

Amazon Honeycode is a fully managed service that allows you to quickly build mobile and web apps for teams - without coding. Build Amazon Honeycode apps for managing almost anything, like projects, customers, operations, approvals, resources, and even your team. Amazon Honeycode gives you the power to build apps for managing your team's work.  Within a few steps, you can set up a full-fledged app. First, set up data that your app will use in a Honeycode table. You can import data from CSV files or get a head start using a template. Once the data is set, use the app builder to design your app's interface and add capabilities like forms and navigation. Link the data you want to display and watch your app come to life instantly. Amazon Honeycode gives you the power to build apps that improve how your team works.

Reasons to consider Honeycode in your no-code stack

  • Easily link related data in different tables and visualise these relationships. For example, link a "Requests" table to a "Departments" table.
  • Keep your team in the loop about critical updates. It enables you to send emails and mobile notifications whenever fundamental data changes automatically.
  • Access your app from a browser or Honeycode's Android & iOS apps. Make changes to your app at any time, and the updates happen instantly.
  • You can build your custom Honeycode app for web browsers and mobile devices so your team can work from anywhere.

What can you accomplish with Honeycode?

  • As your business changes, you can adapt your custom app built with Honeycode. Any updates made to your app or its data are instantly shared to your team.
  • You can easily integrate Honeycode with popular SaaS applications, AWS services, and other tools by using Zapier or Amazon AppFlow.
  • You can configure your custom Honeycode app so that each team member sees only the data they need to see and nothing more.
  • Set up your custom Honeycode app to automatically notify the team when there's an update or remind people when it's their turn to take action.

Top features of Honeycode

  • Data integrations via Zapier, Amazon AppFlow, or APIs
  • Unlimited workbooks
  • Looks like a spreadsheet works like a database
  • Personalization for each team member

Pricing plans

  • Free Plan
  • Plus: $19.99 per month
  • Pro: $29.99 per month

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