Paragon is a platform that makes it easy to build product integrations and deliver the features your customers want, faster.

A brief overview of Paragon

"Paragon not only saved us weeks of engineering time delivering a Salesforce integration for our customers, but we can also now consistently ship new integrations on our roadmap." Says Rudy Lai, the Co-Founder of QuantCopy.

Paragon is the easiest way to integrate your product with third-party SaaS apps, providing your customers with an embedded, native integration experience. Focus on building your core product - not spending months stitching together disparate services or writing integration code. Paragon's visual workflow editor provides fewer technical users with powerful no-code abstractions. You can instantly sync data in real-time from your customers’ apps into your application with Paragon's built-in Webhook triggers.

Reasons to consider Paragon in your no-code stack

  • Paragon provides production-ready integrations that you can connect to your app in minutes with its visual workflow editor.
  • You can streamline the developer efficiency and deliver features without manually coding integrations.
  • Product and engineering can work collaboratively with Paragon’s visual workflow editor.
  • Once deployed, Paragon workflows provide end-to-end data visibility for easy debugging and automatically scale to provide enterprise-grade performance with zero maintenance.

What can you accomplish with Paragon?

  • Embed Paragon’s Connect Portal with just a few lines of Javascript and start integrating with your customers’ apps in minutes.
  • Customize the look and feel of your Connect Portal and provide settings for your customers to configure their integration experience.
  • Connect events from your application to customers’ apps by sending App Events with the Paragon SDK.

Top features of Paragon

  • Javascript library support
  • Supports direct integration with popular databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase) and APIs (Twilio, Sendgrid, Google Sheets, Slack)
  • Streamline developer efficiency and deliver features without manually coding integrations
  • Cloud functions and webhooks

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Basic: $450 per month
  • Pro: $1485 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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