Axiom helps you create browser bots quickly with no-code, to automate repetitive tasks

A brief overview of is very quick to use and doesn't require any knowledge about automation or coding to create bots for doing your repetitive work. This ensures that you can focus on the more important work and require your expertise. It is very easy and fast to use and will help you to reduce your time on your daily routine like sending emails, tracking an order, etc. All the bots that you create live on your computer and process data in your web browser. The added advantage to is its security. It stores the steps of your bot and data on how well it's running, but it doesn't store any of the results of your automation on our systems.

Reasons to consider in your no-code stack

  • It allows you to automate any web-based application. You can also automate custom-built apps and make your cumbersome tasks easier.
  • With the help of this tool, you can read and write to Google sheets, get data from any webpage, input data into apps and sites and upload and download files.
  • You can Consolidate data across many web applications - output to spreadsheets & slides.

What can you accomplish with

  • It helps you to automate your go-to apps. For example, automate Canva through spreadsheets, scrape all data from Amazon product pages, clean up your overflowing Gmail inboxes and a lot more.
  • If you are a budding startup, allows you to connect from a list on LinkedIn in Sales Navigator with a personalised message.
  • You can expand your client base by sending a DM on Instagram to your clients and can also like their latest posts.

Top features of

  • Upload data from a spreadsheet into web apps
  • It is backed by TechStars and SAP
  • It helps you to save time on repetitive tasks and let you focus on important tasks.
  • You can build and run unlimited automation
  • Get unlimited runtime

Pricing plans

  • Axiom Free: $0 (30 minutes Monthly Runtime)
  • Axiom Starter: $10 (5 hours Monthly Runtime)
  • Axiom Pro: $50 per month (30 hours Runtime + Scheduler)
  • Axiom Cloud: $100 per month (Unlimited Runtime + Cloud Server + Scheduler)

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