is an API integration and automation platform for citizen automators.

A brief overview of is a visual editor platform to automate workflows and integrate different software applications. It offers you a wide range of connectors, to fetch data from third-party services, manipulate the dataset, and work with the data before passing it onto the next step in the workflow. With a tool that can elastically scale to serve companies of any size, you can create automated workflows. The best feature of is to let you create a well-oiled machine when data flows from team to team.

Reasons to consider in your no-code stack

  • Only the Tray Platform combines low-code usability with robust governance, security, and scalability.
  • Access real-time information on system performance and security
  • strives to gain and retain the trust of their users. Providing a comprehensive compliance program with certifications and attestations is integral to this mission.
  • It allows you to connect, integrate, automate your business processes with the help of APIs,
  • You can automate processes and integrate your entire cloud stack to work in real-time.
  • It also helps to collaborate with different teams from marketing, sales, support, and other departments on a single platform to maintain a smooth flow of work.

What can you accomplish with

  • Configure the most complex workflows, integrate any application, and add customized logic for strategic competitive advantage.
  • 5% of your database loses accuracy monthly, and without clear rules. Tray helps you to easily keep track of every single ABM program you run to keep your database up to date.
  • It is proven that more than 60% of customers expect personalized communications based on their previous activity. With Tray, you can personalize email campaigns with the right message at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Create custom web forms and trigger your workflows upon their submission. If you need the extra flexibility you can trigger workflows using a unique Webhook URL.

Top features of

  • Automation and integration platform of software applications for business growth
  • No-code platform to provide faster automation of large data
  • Connect and integrate the entire cloud stack with the help of APIs
  • Helps to bring different teams on a single platform

Pricing plans

  • On request only

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