Formstack is a workplace productivity platform helps organizations digitize, automate workflows, and fix processes—all without code

A brief overview of Formstack

Formstack is a workplace productivity platform that has been designed to transform the manner in which individuals collect information while putting it to work. The platform is flexible and ensures secure data collection. It also helps in processing automation for empowering users from different industry verticals minimize data hassles and resolve crucial business concerns. Formstack is also a leading survey building platform that has been designed by keeping businesses in mind.

The platform ensures that it is easier to come up with advanced forms with the help of revolutionary technologies like A/B testing, conditional logic, and a series of other advanced features.

Reasons to consider Formstack in your no-code stack

  • Conditional Logic: The feature allows you to come up with interactive forms adapting to individual respondents depending on their answers to previous questions. The overall personalized experience can help in improving responses significantly through the creation of highly engaging surveys while. You can easily skip irrelevant questions. 
  • Interactive Interface: With the wide range of features offered by Formstack, the entire interface of the platform is quite seamless. You can create basic forms with the help of the drag-and-drop editor. Moreover, you can access advanced features for A/B testing, response validation, and conditional logic by selecting the desired form field. 
  • Mobile-friendly surveys: All the surveys through Formstack are mobile-friendly and highly responsive. It serves to be a great benefit towards boosting your response rates. The platform will display a single question by default on a per page basis. However, you can easily modify the same as per your requirement.

What can you accomplish with Formstack?

  • Integrations: With Formstack, you get access to a wide range of useful integrations to enhance the overall experience. You will appreciate that the platform works effectively with CRM solutions like HubSpot, Salesforce, and others. Formstack is also capable of integrating with a wide number of payment processors -like Stripe and PayPal.
  • Advanced Data Analysis: The platform makes it seamless to execute A/B testing on forms while identifying challenging questions due to which customers might be leaving your forms. Reporting in Formstack is available as PDFs and an advanced online data visualization tool. You can also integrate Formstack with Google Analytics for improved results.
  • Reliable Support: Formstack offers support through email. Enterprise and Platinum subscribers can get phone support as well.

Top features of Formstack

  • Survey builder
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Survey distribution
  • Data exporting
  • Branding

Pricing plans

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