Procesio provides a no-code, low-code and custom code environment for development and automation

A brief overview of Procesio

Procesio serves to be an iPaaS or Integration Platform as a Service. The solution offers access to a scalable and flexible low or no-code environment for creating automation and integration around five times faster in comparison to conventional coding. With the software solution, both business teams and technical teams are capable of defining prototype workflows, business logic, testing visually, debugging, and building data models. Meanwhile, businesses can also extend the overall functionality of the platform through the creation of custom actions.

Reasons to consider Procesio in your no-code stack

  • Ease of Application Integration: With Procesio, it is possible to integrate applications, process data, and automate workflows. 
  • Fit for All Organizations: Procesio is fit for multiple organizations and individuals facing the overall challenge of delivering complex software integrations within strict time constraints and resources. 
  • Improved Productivity: Procesio is useful for business and technical individuals for achieving things faster. The solution helps in replacing the repetitive tasks with visual-based actions requiring only simple integrations. This allows your team to focus on highly relevant and complex tasks. 
  • Ample Flexibility: You can look forward to designing and building processes as you desire. You can implement the custom action while adding the same to the platform. All it would require is basic knowledge of .Net coding along with a dedicated developer’s guide.

What can you accomplish with Procesio?

  • API Integrations: With the help of APIs, Procesio is capable of integrating with any system. As you start using the platform, you can define specific business processes while ensuring seamless interconnectivity and efficiency with respect to the systems and data for executing processes.
  • Product Readiness: Procesio can be used as the backend software solution. There is no longer requirement of investing time and resources in the creation of architecture and implementation of microservice-based, distributed, and scalable backends. Procesio ensures the same without any time wastage or investments without the requirement of managing the technical complexities behind the backend.
  • App Integrations and Workflows: Business teams can look forward to creating high-level requirements with Procesio with the technical teams taking from there. Technical teams can easily extend Procesio as per specific requirements by composing custom code.

Top features of Procesio

  • Accounting integration
  • Activity tracking
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Automated scheduling
  • Business process automation
  • Configurable workflow

Pricing plans

  • Free: individual
  • Professional: €600 per year per pack (€0.0025 per extra action runs, max 30% of the plan)
  • Business: €1.200 per year per pack (company) €0.0020 per extra action runs, max 30% of the plan
  • Development: €6.00 per year per pack (company) €0.0015 per extra action runs, max 30% of the plan

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