If This Then That (IFTTT) is a free platform that allows you to create chains of conditional statements triggered by changes that occur within other web services

A brief overview of IFTTT

IFTTT is the worlds leading connectivity platform. Over 1000 global enterprises use this no-code/low-code platform accelerate the digital transformation of their products into integrated services, dramatically reducing their development costs. It gets its name from the programming contingent proclamation “if this, then that.” It’s a no-code software platform that helps connect apps, devices, and services from different developers to trigger one or more automation involving those apps, devices, and services. Presently, there are over 90 million initiated applet associations. You can rapidly send email notes to yourself and prevent yourself from skipping your tasks. Go beyond this with queries, conditional logic, multiple actions, and a lot more.

Reasons to consider IFTTT in your no-code stack

  • IFTTT helps you to take control over how your apps and devices work together. Create unlimited Applets and unlock faster execution times.
  • It has a flexible API and SDK package that empowers your business to bring any of the 600+ services on IFTTT directly into your app, emails, and website.
  • It helps in getting knowledge of customer behaviour by quantifying their data.

What can you accomplish with IFTTT?

  • You can build a smart home that responds to every cue ranging from locking your front door to welcoming the delivery person.
  • If you are planning a wedding, the already built Applets let you streamline your wedding planning process. You get weekly emails for wedding outfits, top posts about wedding planning, save pictures of the wedding decors you like the most, and much more.

Top features of IFTTT

  • Multi-step Applets with queries, conditional logic, and multiple actions
  • API performance and health dashboards
  • Embed integrations anywhere with IFTTT connect
  • Analytics and user insights

Pricing plans

For Individuals

  • Standard: $0 forever
  • Pro: $3.99 per month

For Developers

  • Developer: $199 peryear
  • Team: Pay as you grow
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

Learning resources

A few tweets about IFTTT from real users

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