Flowmonk syncs Webflow and Airtable in real-time, in two directions. Add pageviews to Webflow and more Webflow related tools.

A brief overview of Flowmonk

Flowmonk is a no-code tool that helps you sync Airtable and Webflow bi-directionally with unlimited updates. It helps you keep your Webflow CMS data and Airtable bases in sync, allowing you to build smarter and more dynamic Webflow sites. With Flowmonk’s auto Airtable configurator and smart mapping Flowmonk is the easiest syncing solution, anyone can get started syncing in minutes. 

Flowmonk also offers a variety of Webflow CMS tools including pageviews to Webflow CMS, the ability to import Google Analytics to Webflow and other Webflow tools coming soon.

With Flowmonks pageview sync users can add pageviews to your Webflow site and Webflow’s CMS. Pageviews are instantly to Webflow CMS, allowing for Webflow site owners to create truly dynamic Webflow sites. With Webflow’s native sorting and filtering functionality and pageviews users can create top 10 pages, dynamic user badges or add pageview count to any Webflow page.

Reasons to consider Flowmonk in your no-code stack

  • No coding skills required: any Webflow designer can easily implement Flowmonk’s tools.
  • Ease of use: Flowmonk makes syncing simple, with auto Airtable configurator and smart mapping users can get up and running in minutes, not hours.
  • Unlimited updates: Never run out of credits, with Flowmonk there are unlimited two way updates.
  • Smarter Webflow sites: Flowmonk’s suite of Webflow CMS tools allows for users to build smarter Webflow sites and turn them into dynamic masterpieces.

Top features of Flowmonk

  • Instant real-time syncing between Webflow & Airtable
  • Add pageviews to Webflow
  • Import Google Analytics data to Webflow
  • No coding knowledge required

What you can accomplish with Flowmonk?

  • Real-time two way Airtable & Webflow syncing: Flowmonk offers two way, real-time syncing between Webflow and Airtable. Allowing your data from Webflow to be synced in real-time to Airtable. As you update your website in Webflow, the updates are instantly pushed to Airtable.
  • Add pageviews to Webflow: Add pageviews to your Webflow site instantly with Flowmonk’s pageview syncing flow.
  • Import Google Analytics data to Webflow: No more confusing zaps or scenarios. Simply connect your Google Analytics account and Flowmonk will sync your data to Webflow CMS.
  • Smarter Webflow sites: Create top 10, 50 or any number of item pages based on user engagement metrics like pageviews. Add pageviews to your blog posts on Webflow. Create internal dashboards with pageview data, top items and much more.
  • Create better Webflow sites: Flowmonk powers sites like Flowardar, Dang.ai and many other popular Webflow sites.

Pricing plans

  • Starter: $19 per month, up to 1 site and 1k synced records
  • Business: $49 per month, up to 5 sites and 2k synced records
  • Enterprise: $129 per month, up to 10 sites and 10k synced records

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