Levity helps you train your own AI on documents, images, or text data, build custom AI-powered workflow automations to perform daily, repetitive tasks

A brief overview of Levity

“Getting dev capacities is always a struggle. Levity enables me to just build AI automation myself.” Says Moritz Wahrlich, the Business Analyst of Hear.com.

Levity is an automation tool that gives you an edge over all other organisations working towards the same goal as yours. It helps you to create your own AI for documents, images, or text that takes daily, repetitive tasks off your shoulders so your team can reach the next level of productivity. It allows you to train AI models on images, documents, and text data. You can rebuild manual workflows and connect everything to your existing systems.

Reasons to consider Levity in your no-code stack

  • AI Blocks add intelligence to the process. By creating your own AI Block, you can teach your customized algorithm or use a pre-trained model to perform the tasks that you've previously done manually.
  • The intuitive workflow builder lets you determine the desired actions based on any given prediction from your AI Block.
  • Integrate with your favourite apps like Gmail, Google Sheets, Zapier, Slack, etc.

What can you accomplish with Levity?

  • While the tedious hiring process, you can automate most of your repetitive tasks. For example, automatically verify if documents are signed and contain all the input you require.
  • Levity enables professionals in various industries to rapidly sort incoming requests by work type, region, or urgency.
  • Your customers are telling you what they want from your brand. Levity helps you cut through the noise and prioritize insights - automatically.

Top features of Levity

  • Blazing fast speed
  • Fully hosted, no hassles, no worries, no headaches
  • Hundreds of integrations
  • Does not require access to your personal or confidential data
  • Ensures that you get a smooth start into AI automation

Pricing plans

  • On request only

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