Clay helps you find, enrich and act on data from any source - without a line of code.

A brief overview of Clay

Clay is an interactive no-code tool that brings together the best parts of simple automation and spreadsheets. The tool quickly connects your code and apps into automated workflows for building useful tools, enriching data sets, and much more. With Clay, you can build tools, augment workflows, and create rich data sets for increasing the productivity of your team. As codes, automation, and spreadsheets are united, Clay helps in transforming your apps as well as code into automated workflows.

Reasons to consider Clay in your no-code stack

  • Lead Improvement: With Clay and its interactive spreadsheets, you can easily enrich leads while creatively coming across new ones.
  • Prospect Targeting: Clay allows you to stream in data from the internet and super-target the prospects. This allows you to improve prospecting strategies.
  • Data Synchronization: With Clay, you can sync data effectively to & from the existing tools for improving customer experiences and operations.
  • Discover Leads: Clay also allows you to come across people and companies who are starring your GitHub reports.

What can you accomplish with Clay?

  • Process Defining with Drag-and-drop Tools: Along with delivering the functionality to write custom functions in the middle of the workflows, Clays allows your teams to define processes with the help of drag-and-drop tools. Trigger flows in the tool are based on customer-centric events and scheduled timers.
  • Access to Automated Messages: The tool is focused on streamlining day-to-day business processes. Using the platform, you can send automated messages to marketers, sales representatives, engineers, and other members. This allows team members to accomplish tasks like following up on prospective leads, tracking, and managing ad campaigns.
  • Faster Development with Connector Gallery: To allow you to build faster, Clay offers access to a gallery of connectors. On the other hand, you can also build custom functions with the help of code.
  • Optimized Results with Pre-built Workflows: Clay features pre-built workflows that are designed specifically for people in different roles –ranging from sales to marketing, customer success, engineering, and HR.

Top features of Clay

  • Access to structured data from any website
  • Ease of integration with internal APIs, SaaS apps, and databases
  • Relational database functionality
  • Pre-made sign-up and login workflow for users

Pricing plans

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