Data Fetcher

Data Fetcher updates your table based on the API response, so you can import data from thousands of different APIs.

A brief overview of Data Fetcher

Data Fetcher is an Airtable app for running API requests, importing the marketing data, looking up stock prices, sending emails, or doing anything that you can think of with other APIs. The app allows you to easily run API requests in Airtable without having the need to write any code. As the name suggests, it fetches the API response and makes changes to the table based on its database. The tool works with thousands of unique APIs. Use this no-code tool and link your data to the Airtable without any scripts or technical skills for data import.

Reasons to consider Data Fetcher in your no-code stack

  • Connecting Airtable to any API: You can connect Data Fetcher to OAuth API including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Webflow, Facebook Ads, and so more.
  • Saving variables and using them in requests: With Data Fetcher, you can use variables in any given request URL, body, parameter, or header. The inputs allow you to make use of the variables.
  • Addition of Multiple Users to the Account: You can think of adding multiple users to any given account on Business or Team plans. This enables other base collaborators to run as well as see API requests that you have created.

What can you accomplish with Data Fetcher?

  • Running a sequence of multiple events: You can use Data Fetcher for creating sequences –a series of multiple requests capable of running one after another.
  • Importing and exporting API requests in the form of JSON files: With Data fetcher, you can choose the specific fields from the respective API responses for filtering out or keeping.
  • Running API Requests in Airtable: Create and run API requests within Airtable.
  • Scheduling API Requests: Being up-to-date automatically by API request scheduling.

Top features of Data Fetcher

  • Import of cURL commands
  • Data Syncing
  • OAuth API Connection
  • Get, Post, Patch, Put, Delete methods
  • Paginated requests
  • CORS proxy for all requests

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Starter:$18 per month
  • Pro: $30 per month
  • Team: $50 per month

Learning resources

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